Kris Humphries Comes Out of Hiding and Still Wants to Be Famous

Maureen O'Connor · 11/15/11 11:43AM

Throwaway husband Kris Humphries goes into the jewelry business. Michael Bublé calls Kim Kardashian a "bitch." Leonardo DiCaprio turns 37. Kristen Stewart on her Twilight premiere dress: "Well, it's purple and it's a gown." Tuesday gossip is addicted to fame.

Glee to Lose Three Major Stars After Season Three

Brian Moylan · 07/14/11 12:03PM

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Glee's over-extended head gay Ryan Murphy says that Finn, Rachel, Babygay Kurt, "and others" will graduate at the end of season three, meaning stars Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, and Chris Colfer are getting the heave-ho.

Andrew Garfield Is Romancing the Stone

Maureen O'Connor · 06/24/11 10:30AM

Spiderman costars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone might be banging. Cory Monteith was a teen junkie. Heidi Klum gets naked. LiLo plans her first post-imprisonment par-tay. TGIFriday gossip.

The Cast of Glee Performs on Britain's X Factor

Whitney Jefferson · 12/06/10 01:29PM

In the US, we all know at least a Gleek or two—but did you know that the Glee phenomenon reaches overseas as well? Inside, the kids (sans Chris Colfer) perform on The X Factor's live semi-finals results show.

'Kate Hudson Was Born a Boy,' and Other Awkward Revelations

Maureen O'Connor · 10/20/10 09:47AM

Goldie Hawn tells an awkward story about her daughter's birth. Beyonce might be pregnant. Jean-Claude Van Damme has a heart attack. J.Lo's babies are Gucci models. Wednesday gossip is a photo album of embarrassing baby pictures.

Everyone's "Doin' It" to Duet on Glee

Kristina Lucarelli · 10/13/10 12:00AM

Praise Cheesus! Last week wasn't a fluke. Glee is really back! Even without Sue, this week managed to deliver with a heated duet competition. Jealousies rose, revenge and redemption were attempted, and one Gleek lost their V-card!

God is Kind of Like Santa Claus for Adults on Glee

Kristina Lucarelli · 10/06/10 12:21PM

After last week's messy Britneyfest, it's good to see Glee back to its old form. We actually had songs from different artists driven by plot last night! More on Kurt's tearjerker of an episode after the jump.


cityfile · 11/06/09 09:45AM

Tyra Banks shopping in the West Village with a Gucci fanny pack around her waist ... Sienna Miller walking her dog (and picking up after her, too) ... Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen leaving an office building in Midtown ... Anna Paquin arriving on the set of The Romantics on Long Island ... Katie Holmes carrying coffee on Long Island ... Regis Philbin walking on the Upper West Side ... 50 Cent leaving the PIX11 Morning News studios ... Shia LaBeouf filming scenes for Wall Street 2 on the Upper West Side ... Edie Falco taking a break while filming Nurse Jackie ... and Glee star Cory Monteith leaving dinner at Southern Hospitality.


cityfile · 10/13/09 08:57AM

Penelope Cruz leaving her hotel ... Sarah Jessica Parker walking to the set of Sex and the City 2 ... Hugh Jackman getting out of an SUV in front of his apartment building ... Alicia Silverstone leaving the CW studios in Midtown ... Tyra Banks posing for a photo shoot on Fifth Avenue ... Elizabeth Hurley walking out of her hotel ... Mark Wahlberg hanging out on the set of The Other Guys ... Glee's Cory Monteith and Lea Michele leaving the Brooks Aktinson Theater ... Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt getting out of an car ... and Sienna Miller leaving the American Airlines Theater in Times Square after a performance of After Miss Julie.