Hamilton Nolan · 03/31/15 08:58AM

The New York state government, one of the most corrupt bodies in America, has just passed a tax break for purchasers of yachts costing more than a quarter of a million dollars. "It's about job creation," said one of the many Albany indistinguishable leaders who will, god willing, be marched off to jail one day.

Two Former Feds Accused of Stealing $1.5 Million During Silk Road Bust

Gabrielle Bluestone · 03/30/15 11:52PM

Two former federal agents who worked on the 2013 bust of underground drug market Silk Road were charged with multiple felonies this week alleging that the pair used the operation for their own gain, blackmailing defendants and stealing more than $1.5 million worth of bitcoin under the cover of darknet.

Report: The Obama Administration Is Corrupt as Fuck

J.K. Trotter · 12/17/14 03:45PM

Today the New York Times published an incredible, and incredibly detailed, account of unrestrained favor-trading within the Obama administration. In a nut: The president’s cabinet, including the State Department under Hillary Clinton, suspended travel bans placed on certain Ecuadorian nationals who committed fraud (and worse) after those nationals’ family members pledged five- and six-figures sums to Democratic organizations.

Campaign Finance Reform Is Going Backwards

Hamilton Nolan · 12/11/14 09:40AM

If America ever wants to shed our cynical, accurate view of our political system being solely a game for the rich, we must—must!—reform the way we finance political campaigns. This week, Congress is determined to take a big step in the wrong direction.

New York State Politicians Are Still For Sale

Hamilton Nolan · 12/08/14 11:30AM

Grim-face political celebukid and New York governor Andrew Cuomo has long vowed that he wants to reform the corrupt political cesspool that is Albany. How's that going?