Max Read · 10/23/13 09:16AM

J.K. Trotter · 09/06/13 08:47AM

The New York Times corrected its Thursday front-page report on new footage of Syrian rebels — and would-be U.S. confederates — executing and burying seven kidnapped soldiers of the Syrian Armed Forces. It turns out the video was filmed in the spring of 2012, not April 2013.

Adrian Chen · 05/22/13 09:51AM

The famously fastidious New Yorker has issued a rare apology for inadequately citing a scholar's research in this story on botched ICE deportations.

Stop Calling Black Singers 'Rappers' Already

Rich Juzwiak · 11/29/12 12:10PM

The New York Times really wants you to know that Chris Brown is a rapper. In fewer than 100 words of the original copy of John Ortved's tweet roundup "Chris Brown Signs Off," including the headline and picture caption, Brown is referred to as a "rapper" three times. Wrong. Chris Brown is not a rapper. Yes, he raps on occasion. Sometimes, he is specifically commissioned to do so. But he is also a dancer. And an actor. And, oh yeah, that thing on which he based his career in the first place: a singer.

Washington Post Called This Man the 'Modern Face' of AIDS, Then Realized He's a Bareback Porn Star

Rich Juzwiak · 08/02/12 02:07PM

Last week, the Washington Post published a story called "In 2012, AIDS is a different beast for gay men in D.C.," which aimed to be illuminating, but probably not as much as it would turn out to be. It was later revealed that one of the article's main sources, the HIV-positive D.J. Steedley, who is described as "the modern face of the HIV/AIDS epidemic" and as needing "a certain level of discipline and caution," was signed as a contract performer to the notorious bareback gay porn company Treasure Island Media. Steedely previously appeared as a performer for the equally notorious, often bareback "military" porn company Active Duty. Oops.

News Corp. Did Not Do the Horrible Thing It Basically Admitted Doing

John Cook · 12/13/11 12:32PM

Whoops! Remember when Rupert Murdoch's News of the World was revealed to have illegally listened to the voicemails of teen murder victim Milly Dowler? And how the bastards actually erased the voicemails, leading Dowler's family to falsely believe that their little girl was still alive and checking her messages? And how Murdoch killed off NOTW in shame and a panicked attempt to avert scandal when it all came out? Well, there's a slight wrinkle.

New York Times Issues First 'Angry Birds'-Related Correction

Seth Abramovitch · 10/23/11 09:25PM

In her New York Times Sunday Book Review critique of the hottest book on the planet, Walter Issacson's 630-page biography, Steve Jobs, Janet Maslin quotes a passage in which the author extolls the triumph that is the iPad, as well as the tens of thousands of apps that can run on it. "One that he mentions," Maslin writes, "which will be as quaint as 'Pong' some day, features the use of a slingshot to shoot down angry birds."

Internet Explorer IQ Story Was a Hoax

Adrian Chen · 08/03/11 09:06AM

Remember that IQ study that showed Internet Explorer users were stupid? Well, it was a hoax. The website of AptiQuant, the supposed "online psychometric testing firm" that conducted the study, was just set up in the past month, and the pictures of its staff were actually ripped-off from another French business.

Georgetown 'Univeristy' Has Some Trouble With Spelling

Max Read · 05/22/11 09:35AM

A tipster sent in one of the above photos of Georgetown University's thick commencement book, which cleverly doubles as a last-minute spelling test. We're not, obviously, in a great position to criticize the typographical errors of others; on the other hand, we're not an accredited institution of higher learning. [other image via Jason Hettenbaugh]

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child: A Retraction

John Cook · 05/17/11 01:01PM

On Tuesday, May 17, in the wake of a report in the Los Angeles Times that Arnold Schwarzenegger had admitted fathering a child with a then-unnamed member of his household staff more than 10 years ago, we reprinted portions of a 2003 London Daily Mail story claiming that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with a woman named Tammy Tousignant. Because some of the details from the Los Angeles Times story seemed to us to align with the Daily Mail's, we speculated that Tousignant was the woman that Schwarzenegger had acknowledged having affair with to the Times. In the course of reporting the post, we called and emailed Tousignant without success and reached her son—who is an adult and who denied that Schwarzenegger is his father—via Facebook message. We also noted prominently that Tousignant had denied the story to the Daily Mail when it was originally published.

The Onion Fools The New York Times

Max Read · 04/24/11 10:38AM

You may have been surprised to see President Obama's smiling face on the cover of Tiger Beat in last week's The New York Times article about the "original teen-girl tabloid." Your surprise was not unwarranted, as the Times admitted today:

Semi-Celebrities Finally Have a Place to Go to Complain About the Internet

John Cook · 03/28/11 11:56AM

One of the tragedies of being marginally famous is that people can write true things about you that you don't like on the internet. Well now, thanks to a knight, these lost souls finally have recourse: iCorrect, the internet's premiere source for niggling, picayune corrections from people you don't particularly care about.

New York Post Still Can't Tell Black People Apart

Max Read · 03/08/11 12:55AM

The New York Post does not have a great track record at telling black people apart, whether they're media moguls or reality TV stars, so we can't say we're surprised that this Page Six item about R&B singer Mary J. Blige ran with an incorrectly-captioned picture of R&B singer Keri Hilson (full screenshot below). But we know running a daily newspaper can be difficult, so we've created this handy visual guide to help the Post distinguish between Ms. Blige and Ms. Hilson. No more drama, indeed! [pics via AP]