Michelle Obama: Not In New York

Pareene · 05/22/08 08:44AM

Note to America: Michelle Obama is not in New York. Whoever sent in yesterday's Michelle Obama sighting to Gawker Stalker was incorrect. She was not in New York and "she has Secret service now so she does not enter through front doors," according to one emailer. Elitist. Anyway, Michelle's communications director wrote in last night to ask us to pull that sighting down, "as it is creating GREAT confusion." The truth is we are not sure how the map works and are unable to pull anything down from it. But we are still sorry about confusion. Shame on you, anonymous Gawker Stalker who submitted the sighting. By which we mean, obviously, Maureen Dowd.

John Bussey

Nick Denton · 04/24/08 05:27PM

In my roundup of the winners and losers at the Wall Street Journal, I got one entry almost completely wrong. DC bureau chief John Bussey, subject of rumors that we relayed, is actually credited by Journal insiders with the overhaul its long-sluggish operation it the capital. The correction is here.