Famous Rapper Wreaks Havoc on College Bar by Demanding Drinks for Free

Maureen O'Connor · 09/20/11 12:19PM

It was the coolest of times, it was the crappiest of times. B.o.B., a famous rapper, came all the way to Ithaca to play a show at Cornell University. This was, according to locals, cool. But then he went and ran up a $1,060 bill at a local bar, and refused to pay the waiter. This was, according to locals, not cool. The Cornell Daily Sun reports:

Cornell Nerd: Internet Bandwidth Limit Ruins My Social Life

Maureen O'Connor · 08/17/11 03:11PM

Rising Cornell sophomore Cristina Lara wants her school to abolish its 50GB/month student bandwidth limit. (To use more, students have to pay.) "Internet usage is free in virtually every college and university in the country," Cristina writes in a petition, "and it's also free among all 7 other institutions in the Ivy League." Sounds reasonable.

Here Are America's Top Party Schools

Brian Moylan · 08/01/11 03:33PM

When looking at the Princeton Review's annual college rankings, no one (cool) cares about academic ratings or student to faculty ratios, or any of those silly stats. No, all those people care about is which schools have the most kicking ragers in the whole country. Here they are.

Two More Cornell Gorge Deaths

Maureen O'Connor · 07/05/11 02:35PM

Within hours of each other, two students died in Ithaca's infamous gorges on Saturday. One student was visiting; the other was a Cornell junior. Both deaths are thought to be accidental.

Cornell Frat Sued for $25 Million Over Hazing Death

Max Read · 06/28/11 06:47PM

College fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon—"Same Assholes Everywhere," if we remember correctly—was just hit with a $25 million lawsuit over the death of a Cornell first-year, allegedly thanks to a hazing ritual gone wrong.

Ivy League Jocks Play Dress-Up With Their Own Clothing Line

Maggie · 01/08/08 06:05PM

The founders of Vineyard Vines hit it big a few years ago with a clothing line given a leg up by by fancy-nancy John Kerry's ability to pull off a pink whale-dotted tie on the campaign trail. Seems they've gone and started a thing. Prepster-chic Salmon Cove was founded by four Cornell grad s (three of whom played pro hockey afterwards) and their lone James Madison University friend (wait-listed, don't you know, poor thing.) For sale on the Upper East Side at CK Bradley, their stuff (seven whole shirts and a couple of jackets so far!) is tailored for those interested in "a life well-lived," which is code for 'loaded and not afraid to show it.' In a stroke of semi-genius, the Salmon Cove kids stuck their company's insignia under the collars of their polo shirts, necessitating a little power collar-popping in order to properly whore the "lifestyle-inspired" brand.

Ivy League School's Janitors First Line Of Defense Against Student Suicides

Maggie · 12/28/07 12:40PM

Cornell University is training its janitors in the fine art of spotting suicidal college students! "These kids are looking to us to provide care," one such eagle-eyed custodian tells the Wall Street Journal today. "But they don't see administrators every day, they see me." The maintenance worker noticed she was cleaning up one student's vomit on a regular basis and reported the girl might be suffering from an eating disorder. Okay Cornell, we know you're all sensitive about your famous Suicide Ridge and we applaud your efforts at challenging the standard of university mental health care, but come on now! Interfering with the crusade for the perfect spring break Cabo beach bod is just not cool.