Corgi on a Carousel Is the Only Video You Need to Watch

Neetzan Zimmerman · 12/09/13 11:43AM

If there is one video on the entire Internet that you desperately need in your life right now, it's the one of a five-year-old Corgi named Meatball merrily scampering around a homemade merry-go-round.

Man in Critical Condition After Queen Hosts Corgi Petting Party

Caity Weaver · 07/10/13 02:30PM

A groundskeeper at Sandringham House, a private residence in Norfolk where the royal family gathers every year for the most regimented Christmas fun one could ever imagine, remains in critical condition after falling off a riding lawnmower and becoming submerged in a small lake on the property on Monday.

And Now, a Corgi on a Swing

Matt Cherette · 02/16/11 05:35PM

Are you having a depressing winter Wednesday? If so, then this video—of a Corgi on a swing... yes, a Corgi on a swing—will undoubtedly pick up your spirits.

Corgis on a Treadmill? Corgis on a Treadmill

Matt Cherette · 08/27/10 02:26PM

Dogs! Cute dogs! Cute dogs using exercise equipment! Yay! Anyway, here's a video of two adorable Corgi pups workin' on their fitness with a whip, snap, grin on their faces, and just enough tongue-wagging to complement the rest of it.