Corey Worthington Will Smash Britney, American Economy

Ryan Tate · 01/31/08 02:30AM

Australian media prodigy Corey Worthington planned and executed a Braveheart-style melee, and was smart enough to have friend video it, a worrying sign he's becoming media-savvy enough to ruin us all. America doesn't really make anything anymore, like computers or a decent car or working levies; we borrow all our money from the Chinese and deposit it in banks we're now selling off to various oil emirates. But we do have The Wire, reality television and a world-beating collection of media-whoring celebrities, chief among them Britney Spears, and now Worthington is about to destroy everything, because he's more clever and powerful than we ever imagined.

Your Glasses Are Famous: Australian Media Keeps Chasing Party Kid Corey Worthington

Nick Douglas · 01/16/08 04:28PM

Corey Worthington, the 15-year-old Melbourne boy who threw a wild party at which over 500 guests terrorized the neighbors, vandalized cars, and chased off the cops, is still attracting a ricockulous attention spree from the media. Since his first interview on Australian tabloid show A Current Affair, Worthington (sometimes called Corey Delaney) appeared on the show again after ACA tracked him down to the beach where he's hid from his parents since the party this past weekend. The video, including highlights from the interview that got over a million viewers on, is below. Meanwhile, Worthington's been interviewed by Fox FM and tracked by MSN, which reports he's refused to remove his sunglasses all week, ever since he told the ACA interviewer that the glasses were famous.

Some Hipster In Australia Threw A Party. Here's Why It's World News.

Nick Douglas · 01/16/08 03:33AM

By "world news" I mean "the current favorite video being passed around online." And by that I don't even mean it's the most-watched video of the week, but that this video of an unapologetic Australian hipster ruffian is being passed around every pass-stuff-around site until it seems it's taken over the Internet. Below, a summary of the video and a timeline of how it spread (and of course the video itself).