Disney Trying to Trademark "Día De Los Muertos" (Updated)

Camille Dodero · 05/07/13 06:45PM

El Día De Los Muertos may be a Mexican holiday that traces back to the Aztecs, but Disney would like to give the silent treatment to those 2,000-3,000 years of cultural tradition and co-opt the phrase for its own greedy gringo purposes: On May 1, Disney filed 10 applications for various trademarks relating to the phrase "Día De Los Muertos." And, hey, why not—the Aztecs never bothered to trademark it.

One Year Later: Perez v. You

Sorgatz · 11/26/07 03:30PM

In the year 3008, when the dust finally settles in the contentious battle between litigious copyright holders and the rest of commie internet humanity, one bold person will stand out above the fray as an emblem for your right to copy and paste anything you damn well please onto your cute blog. Ladies and gentlemen, drop your Lawrence Lessig tomes at the door, because we're here to celebrate the one, the only Perez Hilton.