Another Burglary Crew Copies Ben Affleck Movie

Maureen O'Connor · 10/18/11 04:18PM

Ways to judge a crime movie: Box office earnings, critical acclaim, spin-off crimes. Ben Affleck's The Town performed decently by the first two standards, but on that third standard, The Town really knocked it out of the park!

Conversations With God Author Lamest Plagiarist Ever

Owen Thomas · 01/06/09 05:22PM

The tale of a winter pageant where a child displays a letter sign upside-down, turning "Christmas Love" into "Christ Was Love," was written by Candy Chand and published in Clarity in 1999, Motoko Rich reports. Walsch's excuse: Someone sent him Chand's story, unattributed, and he put it in his clippings file. He then retold it so many times he forgot it didn't actually happen.

Juno You Want It

Richard Lawson · 02/12/08 05:05PM

Because there are no new ideas left anywhere, the super duper hit film Juno is getting its very own knocked-up knock-off. Brenda Hampton, the woman behind the odious 7th Heaven, is peddling a new series about a young teenager who gets pregnant after a tryst with a popular boy at school. But there's a little nerdy kid who likes her too! What will she do? Probably say sassy things and talk on a hotdog phone. [NYMag]

Jessica Seinfeld Totally Totally Plagiarized Cookbook Maybe!

Joshua David Stein · 01/08/08 03:56AM

Jerry Seinfeld's wife is really a bit much to handle. She sent 21 pairs of shoes to Oprah and totally (in our completely non-expert opinion) ripped off some lady's cookbook. The lady's name is Missy Chase Lapine (woah, pornstar much?) and her book was called the "Sneaky Chef." Jerry Seinfeld's wife's name, on the other hand, is Jerry Seinfeld's wife (too lazy to look up). Her book is called "Deceptively Delicious." Now Smoking Gun has the suit which includes some passages supposedly stolen from the book. They're after the jump. BUT before you go, ponder: Even though the words look the same and even the concept of the books are identical, a deeper issue is at stake. Nameley, who really has the right to pronounce universal truths? And once one is uttered, is that truth the property of the speaker or of the universe for which it is true. Kids always hate vegetables. Parents always lie to children to make them do the things they hate. Those who love us lie to us because they love us. Love is a lie. Jessica Seinfeld, Missy knows that. We all know that. Excerpts after the jump.

Emily Gould · 12/10/07 05:00PM

Lying author James Frey has designed a lunchbox that's being auctioned off to benefit two hunger-relief charities. But his lunchbox looks an awful lot like the one designed by Yoko Ono!

Owen Thomas · 08/22/07 05:21PM

Google's new plan for online video ads could well get it in more legal trouble. VideoEgg executive Troy Young says his company has applied for patents on the "overlay" ad format Google is introducing on YouTube clips. [Epicenter]