Texas Cops Forced to Eat at Dairy Queen After Brave Whataburger Employee Refused To Serve Them

Gabrielle Bluestone · 09/17/15 09:24AM

Cops are brave, some might say, but I posit to you that true bravery is borne by the man who refuses to serve them. Because truly, there are much better ways to stick it to someone you don’t like than to risk your employment (and other things, probably, this is Texas we’re talking about) just to withhold from them a delicious hamburger.

The American Police State Hates Black and Poor People

Andy Cush · 08/07/15 11:39AM

The Wall Street Journal today states that roughly 30 percent of Americans have a criminal record of some sort. We’ve been over this before, but let’s take this opportunity to discuss exactly why the figure is so horrible. No matter how many times you’ve heard it, 30 percent of 318 million people may feel like an abstract concept, difficult to wrap your head around. The havoc wreaked upon those tens of millions of lives, however, couldn’t be more concrete.

Cops Say Video of Them Mocking a Disabled Woman Violates Their Privacy

Ashley Feinberg · 08/04/15 02:03PM

This past June, three Santa Ana police officers were suspended after a video surfaced of them joking about kicking a woman in a wheelchair “in the fucking nub” and eating (what appears to be) weed-infused edibles during a raid of a medical marijuana dispensary. And now, those same cops want to ban that video from ever becoming evidence—because they didn’t realize they were on camera.

Darren Wilson Is Racist, As It Turns Out

Jay Hathaway · 08/03/15 11:17AM

Writing for the New Yorker, Jake Halpern has turned in the first extensive interview with Darren Wilson, the former Ferguson, Mo., cop who shot and killed black teenager Michael Brown. In conversations at his home, hidden somewhere “on the outskirts of St. Louis,” Wilson reveals he’s not exactly haunted by second thoughts about what happened: He “did his job” that day, and just wants to move on with his life.

Texas Town Is Charging Us $79,000 for Emails About Pool Party Abuse Cop

Andy Cush · 06/29/15 05:02PM

Days after McKinney, Texas, police officer Eric Casebolt was filmed pointing his service weapon at a group of unarmed black teenagers at a pool party this month, Gawker submitted a Public Information Act request to the city of McKinney asking to see Casebolt’s records and any emails about his conduct sent or received by McKinney Police Department employees. Today, we received a letter from the city’s attorneys claiming that fulfilling our request would cost $79,229.09.

Helicopter Cops Accidentally Turn on Speaker During Casual Blowjob Convo

Jay Hathaway · 06/23/15 02:00PM

For the crew of Air-1, the Winnipeg Police department’s helicopter, Monday night was spent like any other: flying around scenic Winnipeg, having a fun “convo about blowjobs,” maybe throwing in “some swears and some references to money,” and discussing what exactly is “too much body hair.” The only thing out of place was the audience; someone had accidentally turned on the helicopter’s public address system and the crew of Air-1 was live to the entire West End. And, according to Winnipeg residents on Twitter, some of the North End, too: