NYPD's "Viral Grinding Cop" Shines In New Role As  "Viral Racist Facebook Cop" 

Jordan Sargent · 08/04/16 12:50PM

The NYPD has, according to various reports, been “investigating” years-old racist Facebook posts made by one of its patrolmen. “Racist cop” is not exactly the most surprising news the world has ever presented us. What’s noteworthy about this instance of racism from a person nominally sworn to equally protect all citizens is that the policeman, Gregory Gordon, is already infamously known as the NYPD cop caught wining with various women at the city’s West Indian Parade in 2011.

White America Paved the Roads to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile's Deaths

Andy Cush · 07/07/16 04:37PM

This week, white America learned the names of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, for the same reason it learned the names of so many black men it would otherwise be content with avoiding, ignoring, or beating down upon: because Sterling and Castile met some police officers, and the police officers treated them without mercy.

Crazed Greenwich Village Gunman Also Off-Duty NYPD Officer

Alex Pareene · 06/14/16 02:09PM

An argument between a driver and bike messengers in Manhattan yesterday almost became deadly when the driver pulled out a gun. Reports of a gunman spread, and a local elementary school was even put on lockdown, but thankfully police and firefighters arrived before anyone was shot.