America's Love of 3D Grows Curiouser and Curiouser

Richard Lawson · 03/08/10 11:04AM

While everyone in Hollywood was busy preparing for last night's celebrity prom, a 3D movie was quietly having the best March opening weekend ever. Sure it was on IMAX screens so every ticket cost $40, but it's still impressive.

Marty and Leo Are Engaged!

Richard Lawson · 03/01/10 10:13AM

O Meo my! It's true! Because their movie Shutter Island just did so well again this week, the longtime pair has agreed to make it official. To celebrate their nuptials, they'll next be making a romantic comedy with Katherine Heigl.

Just How Stoned Was Bruce Willis This Morning?

Mike Byhoff · 02/22/10 12:25PM

There was something that was just a bit... off about Bruce Willis' appearance on Good Morning America today. He was attempting to promote Cop Out, but it seemed like someone slipped a Xanax—or six, into his morning coffee.

STD Notification? I Thought This Was What "Poke" Meant

Nick Douglas · 02/28/08 04:38PM

Ephemerist, Gawker's official sometimes favorite blogger, points out the awesome terror you can inflict with "You've got the AIDS" e-cards, which you send to someone when you're too afraid to own up to possibly giving them an STD. One reads "I got screwed while screwing, you might have too." It's illustrated with a screw! Because laughter is the best medicine, other than antiretroviral therapy.