What's the Williamsburg of Your City?

Max Read · 11/06/13 11:13AM

Williamsburg and Bushwick, two Brooklyn neighborhoods, have become, for various reasons both accurate and not, a global icon of "hipness." But it's obviously not the only "hip" neighborhood in the world. What's your city's Williamsburg? And what's its Bushwick?

A Guide to Barack Obama's Coolness for Politicians and Journalists

Max Read · 05/02/12 02:05PM

Is Barack Obama cool? Anyone who is actually cool can tell you that no, the president is not cool. He is old, and he is a dad, and he is president. And yet here we have a political ad claiming the president is cool, and commentators nodding their heads in agreement. The New Yorker's John Cassidy cites the Washington Post, a Politico commenter, and Grantland to conclude that the president has a "dazzling hipness."

Is Tyler Brule Cool?

Hamilton Nolan · 01/05/12 11:39AM

Tyler Brule is the publisher of high-fashion design magazine Wallpaper and of Monocle, that beacon of "lifestyle sensuality and gaywad uptightness" that could be viewed as either the world's most pretentious or (incorrectly) most inspiring magazine. It sure is something. Though not a lifestyle magazine.

Foreign Losers Declare America the Coolest Nation Ever

Richard Lawson · 09/06/11 12:57PM

The people at Badoo, a social networking site largely used by non-Americans, asked some 30,000 users to rate the world's coolest nation, and guess what? They chose America. OF COURSE they did. America wins, coolly!