Kinect Hack Makes Full 3D Video One Step Closer to Reality

Christopher Han · 11/15/10 02:01PM

This isn't the 3D you're used to. Oliver Kreylos of UC Davis hacked the Microsoft Kinect to transfer the video data onto his computer, making it possible to zoom in on the environment being captured. It's holographic.

This Little Kid Skateboards Like a Pro

Matt Cherette · 11/08/10 05:26PM

Meet Asher Bradshaw! Asher is six-years-old and loves to skateboard. Not only does he love to skateboard, he's really good at it. Insanely good. Here's a video of Asher showing off some of his moves at the Venice Beach Skatepark.

51-Year-Old Made Loop-D-Loops in the Sky Wearing a Jet Pack

Christopher Han · 11/08/10 11:57AM

Yves "Jetman" Rossy, the first person to fly with jet-powered composite wings, became the first to make loop-d-loops while at it. He took off from a hot air balloon and came down on a parachute. Again, jet engine wings.

Here Are All the Asteroids That Have Been Discovered Since 1980

Max Read · 08/26/10 08:47PM

Wondering where all the asteroids are? Well, "up," obviously. But also, in this beautiful, hypnotic video that tracks asteroid discovery over the last 30 years. It's more engrossing than Armageddon, that's for sure. (Watching it in HD is best!) [via]

This is What It Looks Like to Fall From Space

Adrian Chen · 08/18/10 09:01PM

Here is a really cool video of a space shuttle launch (STS-124), taken from a tiny camera mounted on one of its solid rocket boosters. The booster separates at around 146,000 feet, eventually drifting to Earth via parachute.

Who Knew That Dripping Water Could Look So Cool?

Matt Cherette · 06/30/10 03:36PM

The beauty of video is that you can share something awesome with others, even from across the world. Case in point: this mesmerizing Japanese water display, filled with an endless cascade of shapes, symbols, words—even animals! Video inside.

Nuclear Bomb Researchers Accidentally Blow Up Building

Adrian Chen · 12/23/09 09:01PM

Don't worry, it wasn't with a nuclear bomb! Last week, researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory accidentally blew up part of a building with "a gun which acts like a Civil War Cannon". Even crazier, in a way.

Awesome High-Speed Photography

ian spiegelman · 10/11/08 03:55PM

Ah high-speed photography. Destructive and gorgeous. WebUrbanist has a really cool exhibit of photos and accompanying essays which you should definitely check out. We have a modest sampling after the jump.

Cool Graffiti Shadow Art

ian spiegelman · 09/07/08 03:44PM

"I saw this walking home from the train station after I was at the Speakeasy Illustration show in Toronto. The crosswalk box thing made this shadow on the ground and someone drew a most perfect Batman face on it! I laughed so hard when I saw it. So unexpected and awesome! Spotted near the corner of Iroquois Shore on Trafalgar road in Oakville Ontario." [flickr via Neatorama]

The Imperial History of the Middle East in 90 Seconds

ian spiegelman · 07/27/08 08:29AM

So, what the heck's been happening in the Middle East since the dawn of civilization five thousand years ago? Well, I don't have the time-or the knowledge-to explain it all, so watch this handy video illustrating who ruled what, and when, in just 90 war-filled seconds!

Solstice Moonrise

ian spiegelman · 06/21/08 02:14PM

"Today's solstice marks the northernmost point of the Sun's annual motion through planet Earth's sky and the astronomical beginning of the northern hemisphere's summer. But only two days ago, the Full Moon nearest the solstice rose close to the ecliptic plane opposite the Sun, near its southernmost point for the year. Astronomer Anthony Ayiomamitis recorded this dramatic picture of the solstice Full Moon rising above Cape Sounion, Greece."

Leo DiCaprio to Play Atari's Founding Nerd

ian spiegelman · 06/07/08 04:35PM

Every time I think I'm finally sick to death of Leonardo DiCaprio he goes and does something awesome. This time he's signed on to play Nolan Bushnell, who invented the hypnotic mindfuck of Pong before founding Atari in a biopic about the legendary geek.

Barack Obama: America's Cool Uncle

Pareene · 06/05/08 04:29PM

The "fist-bump" between Barack Obama and his wife Michelle in St. Paul the other night has already become a semi-iconic detail of an iconic moment—the first black presidential candidate sharing a funny and seemingly genuine moment of affection with his wife. Of course once the glow of "hooray us! we finally made it up to the blacks!" wears off among the pundit class, expect to hear about it again. The fist-bump, we mean—or, as the New York Times might refer to it, the "closed-fist high-fives." You will probably hear that it is a Black Gesture. Some particularly bent people will say even more confused things. Because these people are old and rich and out of touch. Much like the (admittedly AWESOME) time Obama "brushed his shoulders off," it was a simple moment that helped demonstrate that, contrary to popular belief, Obama is "in touch" with Real Americans. Allow us to explain!

Obama's Totally Cool Body Man

Pareene · 05/27/08 10:15AM

Reggie Love is Senator Barack Obama's amusingly named "body man." He's a 26-year-old former college football and basketball player. Also he's really cool! The Times has a total crush on him, and they tell us all about how Mr. Love is totally good at sports and got Obama into hip-hop and fist-bumps reporters. (Or, as they put it, he "offers closed-fist high-fives to members of the news media.") He's with Barry all the time, and has pens and Sharpies and nicotine gum and stuff. He also makes sure no one ever tries to give the senator mayo or a second beer. And they play basketball! Soooo cool! No, seriously, he's really really cool.