Wicked Birth Mother Kate Gosselin Won't Let Her Children Win at Games

Rich Juzwiak · 06/20/14 09:20AM

Kate Gosselin is the caretaker of eight children of her body's own wondrous making, but more than that, she is the adversary of eight children. This much was clear when she and her two oldest daughters, Mady and Cara, sparred on live television earlier this year, and when she ominously offered "one last redemption" to Mady in the preview to the two-part special Kate Plus 8: The Septuplets Turn 10. That special is the first Gosselin footage to run on TLC in almost three years, since Kate Plus 8 was canceled. It aired last night, and oh my god, this woman hates her children.

Woman With Size LLL Breasts Does Horrifying "Jack-o'-Lantern" Trick

Rich Juzwiak · 01/09/14 12:20PM

Meet Lacey Wildd, a 45-year-old mother of six, who's had "29, maybe 30" plastic surgery procedures including: 12 breast augmentations, two tummy tucks, three Brazilian butt lifts, illegal silicone in her lips (whatever that means), three full-body lipos, and an internal corset. She was profiled last night on TLC's My Strange Addiction. Of course she was. Highlights (the breast of Wildd, if you will) are above. They include Wildd's "jack-o'-lantern" trick that exposes several boob veins.