Damn, Dude, This Cat Is Cool as Hell

Hudson Hongo · 09/07/15 08:45PM

Oh man, I thought I’d seen some cool cats. Like some really cool ones. I realize now how wrong I’ve been, because this cat—wow—this cat is really something else.

Bizzare New Undersea Creatures Are Unlike Anything Else on Earth

Allie Jones · 09/10/14 11:11AM

Marine biologists at the University of Copenhagen and Denmark's Natural History Museum have discovered an entirely new genus, Dendrogramma, of two new species. Dendrogramma is Latin for "baffling," because the species don't fit any existing classification. The little guys live in the deep sea and look like mushrooms.

How to Revamp Chuck E. Cheese for Today's Tweens

Max Read · 07/03/12 01:30PM

We learned yesterday that Duncan Brannan, the longtime voice of Chuck E. Cheese, the anthropomorphic character designed to indoctrinate children into belief in fiat money, has been fired from his position. Who will replace him? "The lead singer for the pop-punk bank Bowling for Soup." And Chuck himself?

A Guide to Barack Obama's Coolness for Politicians and Journalists

Max Read · 05/02/12 02:05PM

Is Barack Obama cool? Anyone who is actually cool can tell you that no, the president is not cool. He is old, and he is a dad, and he is president. And yet here we have a political ad claiming the president is cool, and commentators nodding their heads in agreement. The New Yorker's John Cassidy cites the Washington Post, a Politico commenter, and Grantland to conclude that the president has a "dazzling hipness."

Phil Hart's Beautiful Photos of Light-Up Algae

Max Read · 03/04/11 04:03AM

Thanks to Phil Plait of Discover Magazine's Bad Astronomy blog, who flagged this amazing photo, we are now freaking out about bioluminescence, because what could possibly be cooler than algae that light up like this? Australian photographer Phil Hart took these photos in 2008-2009, after intense bushfires, torrential rain, deep flooding, and one algal outbreak in the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria all finally led to the arrival of the algae Noctiluca Scintillans, which produces light (well, bioluminescence) when the water moves. So Hart did the smart thing and took pictures. Lots of them. You can read the story here, and enjoy more of his photos here. Bioluminescence! Right?

If Trains Had Porn, This Would Be It

Matt Cherette · 01/26/11 05:28PM

How cool could a train video possibly be? Well, judging from this mesmerizingly beautiful video, VERY cool. Watch as a long-as-hell Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train makes its way through the foothills of the Rockies—like a boss.

Northern Exposure

Max Read · 01/07/11 03:51AM

[For this picture of spectators watching the Four Hill ski jumping tournament in Austria, AP photographer Kerstin Joensson exposed the film for a 10th of a second and rotated the camera during the exposure. Image via AP]

Here's a Video of Dogs with Human Hands

Matt Cherette · 12/13/10 05:40PM

This appears to be some sort of PSA for the Best Friends Humane Society about adopting dogs. What's so cool about it, though, is that it shows the aforementioned dogs crafting/decorating for the holidays with human hands! Whoa. Watch inside.

Inception in Real Time

Christopher Han · 12/06/10 10:51AM

The further you go into dream levels, the more action you can fit into the same amount of real time. Here's a video that shows everything happening at once! (Warning: it's still not going to make sense)

A City is Transformed into a Technological Playground

Christopher Han · 12/04/10 04:00PM

It's hard to tell what this commercial is for - or that it's a commercial at all. Batelco, a telephone company in Bahrain (a country in the Persian Gulf) thought it'd be cool to watch objects transform and stuff.