Attack of the Tween Foodies

Hamilton Nolan · 08/11/10 09:56AM

This is what America's sad obsession with cooking reality shows hath wrought: a whole generation of kids who attend "culinary summer camps" (by choice). Are 13 year-olds not unbearable enough? Must they be foodies as well?

This Is a $625 Cookbook

Adrian Chen · 08/08/10 10:19AM

Deal alert: Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking is currently $203.13 off on Amazon! Which means it's only $421.87. A $625, six-volume, 2,200-page cookbook? This is the price of molecular gastronomy.

Gwyneth Paltrow Is the Most Perfect Person In the World

Richard Lawson · 07/09/10 03:06PM

Gracing the cover of Vogue's annual Age Issue is American expatriate and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. She has a cookbook coming out, so they dispatched a food writer to cook with her at several of her mansions. It was sublime.

Martha Stewart Finds True Beauty in a Bowl

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/09/10 05:02PM

When Martha Stewart brought staffers on as guests to preview recipes from her newest cookbook, she inadvertently found her bliss in a singing salad bowl. Usually collected and comically controlling, Martha loses it when she hears good porcelain.

The Yippity Yo Cooking Show: Time to Get Serious

Joanna Farah · 04/09/10 02:19PM

Think there are too many cooking shows? Think again! Loose the EZ-Bake oven and watch as uncouth three year old Zaylee Jean teaches us how to make cookies from scratch, once again demonstrating that toddlers are like small insane people.

An Ode to Ina: Barefoot Contessa in Three Acts

Mike Byhoff · 02/25/10 01:02PM

Do you know Ina Garten? If not, you should, and the following videos will prove why. Garten hosts Barefoot Contessa, the wildly popular, wildly insane Food Network program, and she's not afraid to let her quirks shine. Inside, a tribute.

How To Use a Chef's Knife

Zach Mack · 02/03/10 11:00AM

Shows like Top Chef and No Reservations are some of the most popular shows amongst my friends these days, but chances are Padma and Tony have you thinking you're Mario Batali when you're still cooking at a Chef Boyardee level.

How To Make a Fruitcake

Whitney Jefferson · 12/25/09 11:30AM

This video is helpful for one of two reasons. One— you enjoy fruitcake and would like to learn how to make it. Two— you'd never want one for Christmas, but wonder what's inside these things. I'm the latter.

How To Make Ketchup

David Matthews · 12/15/09 11:30AM

This video is really helpful, but to what extent? If you're in a situation where you are making your own ketchup (or catsup if you must) shouldn't you reevaluate Dad's standing job offer at the dealership?

The Dangers of Deep-Frying Poultry

Sergio Hernandez · 11/26/09 11:30AM

We hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving. As everyone gets ready to roast, fry, or otherwise cook their turkey, Gawker.TV would like to remind everyone about the importance of fire safety... with a round-up of our favorite turkey disasters.