What Goes Inside a $324 Bowl of Noodles?

Max Read · 12/21/10 01:16AM

Taiwanese restaurateur and chef Wang Cong-yuan sells what's generally agreed to be the world's most expensive bowl of noodles—a $324 beef dish that he says people order every day. What, exactly, goes into a $324 noodle bowl?

Ken Jeong is the World's Funniest Sous-Chef

Morgan Barry · 11/10/10 12:26PM

This morning Ken Jeong, everyone's favorite Spanish teacher, stopped by the Rachael Ray Show to promote Community. In a delightful twist he decided to stick around a bit longer for the cooking segment. Watch and enjoy the awesomeness that followed.

Harvard Now a Culinary School

Hamilton Nolan · 11/02/10 04:20PM

The single most popular class at Harvard this fall: "Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science." Basically a cooking class! I know, right? I would have guessed "How to Get Laid for Dorks," LOL. [Boston Globe]

Martha Stewart and Todd English Abide By the Five-Second Rule

Kate Erskine · 09/29/10 11:23AM

After dropping some fish on the floor, Martha casually tosses it into the pot, as Todd reassures us that any dirt will be "cooked off," and Martha claims to have the "cleanest studio on Earth." The audience sounds skeptical.

This Is the Stovetop of the Future, and It's Amazing

Matt Cherette · 08/26/10 02:56PM

Here's a video for The William, an electric, touchscreen stovetop concept with 1,500 honeycombs that are individually activated when they come in contact with a pot or pan—and which can be controlled/customized meticulously. This. Is. Awesome.