John Oliver and Cookie Monster Have Some Important News About Words

Jay Hathaway · 09/02/14 05:05PM

In a dry spell without Last Week Tonight, we're still getting plenty of John Oliver. He spoofed Sesame Street in a segment about prisons last month, and now he's teamed up with Cookie Monster to anchor a news show about vocabulary words. It's sort of like Last Week Tonight, but with less cursing and more monsters.

Cookie Monster Arrested for Allegedly Shoving 2-Year-Old Boy in Times Square

Taylor Berman · 04/08/13 07:15PM

It's been a rough year for people who make their living masquerading as beloved children's characters in New York City. Last summer, there was the sad case of Central Park's Jew-hating Elmo (who, by the way, is named Adam Sandler). Two months ago, a man dressed as Spider-Man in Times Square claimed to be the victim of a vicious snowball attack from a stingy mom. Monday morning, the streak continued when a man in a Cookie Monster suit was arrested for allegedly shoving a two-year-old boy.

Sesame Street Characters Have Been Terrorizing TV Personalities All Day

Kate Bennert · 09/20/12 08:26PM

So it seems that in order to promote their 43rd season, the PR people over at Sesame Street have been recklessly booking all of their cracked-out muppets on (for the most part) already intolerable television shows. Consequently, America's best and brightest TV personalities were forced to interact with furry, 3-foot-tall, talking, moving stuffed animals that can't even appear on camera without some sort of table or podium concealing all of their sticks and wires.