Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/14 10:48AM

A Zimbabwean government minister's speech urging women to stop using contraceptives because birth control is a western "ploy" that will give them cancer has been judged "alarmist."

Jon Stewart Dissects Darrell Issa's 'Punanny State'

Matt Toder · 02/21/12 12:04AM

Jon Stewart opened tonight's Daily Show by taking a look at the ridiculous contraception hearings that Darrell Issa convened last week. The quoting from Stalin, the "rape of the soul," it's all perfect grist for Jon's mill. Not to mention the fact that no women were on hand.

Stephen Colbert Snips the Tip in the War on Religion

Matt Toder · 02/15/12 12:20AM

On tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert took a look at the war on religion that President Obama is waging via his contraception plan. Colbert turned specific attention to the path toward tyranny that we, in Rick Santorum's view, are now on. It all ends with a guillotine and some very suggestive imagery.

Stephen Colbert Exposes the Dangers of Government-Funded Birth Control

Matt Cherette · 08/03/11 11:36PM

On Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that health insurance companies must fully cover birth control for women beginning next August. Which is great! But on tonight's Report, Stephen Colbert—aided by a couple of conservative loons—pointed out the dangers of such a mandate. A clip of the segment is above.

Sex Officially Beats God

Hamilton Nolan · 05/27/10 09:02AM

In 1985, only 55% of women having premarital sex the first time used a contraceptive. Thanks for helping to spawn a large Gawker readership 25 years later, unintentional moms! Nowadays, Americans send a new message with their fucking: Fuck God.