Contraband: Mark Wahlberg Sure Is Angry

Richard Lawson · 09/30/11 12:01PM

Here's a trailer for the upcoming thriller Contraband, one of those he-got-out but he needs to get-back-in thrillahs that are just pretty damn by the book at this point.

Impressive Woman Allegedly Hides Heroin, $51.22 in Vagina

Max Read · 03/17/11 11:51PM

Police in Pennsylvania say they found "54 bags of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, 8.5 prescription pills and $51.22" inside the vagina of one Karin Mackaliunas, 27, of Scranton. If this seems to you like a rather unwise place to keep one's heroin (or one's change, for that matter), know that Ms. Mackaliunas seems to have realized the same thing after only a brief period of time; she allegedly hid her contraband while being transported to the police station after being arrested for drug possession, but by the time she arrived at headquarters, it seems she was reconsidering her path of action:

Inmate Smuggles Pills into Prison in Her Vagina

Brian Moylan · 02/25/11 05:35PM

When arriving to jail in Florida to serve 30 days for drug possession, corrections officers asked Sara King if she had anything she's not supposed to have. She replied, "Just my pills in my vagina."

Police Say Man Hid Drugs in Penis

Max Read · 02/08/11 08:51PM

Police say they found a "small bag" of crack hidden inside the foreskin of one Antoine Banks, late of Fairdale, Ky., during a strip search ordered after another small bag of cocaine was found "tied to the waistband of Banks' boxers." There are, probably, better places on one's body to secrete contraband—certainly there are more comfortable places—but the drug-concealing ability of the male human foreskin is, I think, an under-explored aspect of the circumcision debate. [WLKY]