MSNBC Pulls a Trick From the Fox News Playbook

John Cook · 10/07/09 09:42AM

In this clip, MSNBC's Contessa Brewer reports new Gallup poll data showing that "just nine percent approve of the GOP" in Congress. She's wrong. It's MSNBC's version of Fox News putting a "(D)" after the name of every pedophile Republican.

Your Sleepy Summer Outrages

John Cook · 08/20/09 04:55PM

It's August 20th: our RSS feeds have slowed to a crawl and everyone else is at the beach. But the political-media outrage machine carries on. ABC's Jake Tapper, MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan, Touré and Malcom X all need a vacation.

MSNBC Lady Anchor Mini Cat Fight!

Richard Lawson · 03/03/09 04:57PM

All Contessa Brewer was trying to do was introduce a clip about a "gigantic gem." But her bitchy co-anchor Melissa Francis had to insult her, by implying she was conceited or something. Contessa was flummoxed.

MSNBC Recommends Botox For Hillary

Pareene · 01/23/08 07:06PM

The Columbia Journal Review kinda hates everything on the cable news networks, but we have to hand it to them—today's MSNBC interview with author Ben Shapiro does reach a new and impressive low. Shapiro wrote a book called Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House. This sounds like a man whose expertise on the political process should be celebrated on a national cable network! Contessa Brewer sat down with Ben and reinforced every single unfair negative stereotype about the vacuity of campaign coverage in something like two minutes. BREWER: "The only woman running in this case, Hillary Clinton, I was watching the debate the other night, looking at her beautiful skin, wondering if she's had any work done because I know that Botox and chemical peels and laser work and a little nip-tuck can make a world of difference." Ben, for those keeping score at home, doesn't think injecting botulism toxin into her forehead to temporarily hide signs of emotion and age would necessarily be such a bad idea for the 60-year-old senator. BREWER: "Ben, I think you're too young to know about Botox. I love the Botox. Next, we have an update on some reported UFO sightings..." [CJR]