Apple's Hush Attempt Backfires

Ryan Tate · 07/13/10 07:56PM

Apple was busted today for deleting multiple customer forum posts about a negative Consumer Reports review of its new iPhone. Maybe an moderator simply went rogue, but now the company will have to deal with the PR fallout.

Get Ripped With Poisonous Muscle Powder

Jeff Neumann · 06/02/10 04:33AM

Looking to bulk up for the beach, little guy? Might want to think twice about that Muscle Milk© and MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Hardcore™ powder. That is, unless you don't mind a little extra lead and arsenic floating around inside your body.

Consumer Reports' Wondrous Tests Of The Past

Hamilton Nolan · 04/07/08 04:22PM

I once wrote a story about Consumer Reports that involved a field trip to the timeless, servicey magazine's headquarters and labs. They're an amazing sight, and certainly the most fun place to visit in Yonkers. They take their work very seriously. Testing washing machines, for example, involves counting individual strands of frayed string off test items that have been washed hundreds of times. Their audio testing lab is a free-floating, echo-proof room that looks like a Star Trek set. This is my anecdotal way of introducing the fact that Consumer Reports has posted a selection of its classic testing photos, and after the jump you can find the five most amusing—one for each decade from the 1930s to the 1970s. Back to the future!

Media Bubble: Norman Pearlstine Is A Doormat

abalk2 · 04/10/07 09:15AM
  • In his memoir, former Time Inc. EIC Norman Pearlstine paints NYT honcho Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., as a lightweight for that whole "not caving to federal prosecutors like Time did" thing. [NYP]