Mountain Dew Presents the PuppyMonkeyBaby, a Horror-Hallucination of Brand Awareness

Melissa Cronin · 02/07/16 09:11PM

The brands were out in full force during Sunday’s Superbowl, reaching the eyeballs of millions of consumers with millions of dollars. Mountain Dew took a novel tack, attempting to create the most grotesque, unsettling, and plain awful character of all (worse, even, than Norm MacDonald’s Colonel Sanders): PuppyMonkeyBaby.

If You do not Have a $1595 Water Filter, you Suck

Ravi Somaiya · 03/10/10 05:50AM

The economy crashes. People start drinking more tap water. Water industry panics. Begins selling people ridiculous filtration systems for up to $1,595. The world is at peace because there is an overpriced product to meet a non-existent need. [WSJ]