Investment Advisors Are Worthless, The End

Hamilton Nolan · 09/23/13 03:58PM

Here is a fact: paying people money to give you investment advice is a waste of your money. It will not make you money. DO NOT HIRE INVESTMENT ADVISORS, STOP NOW.

The Consultants Always Win

Hamilton Nolan · 08/28/13 10:26AM

Financial markets fluctuate. Investors have good and bad years. Cities and states see their fortunes rise and fall. Banks soar, crash, and are bailed out by taxpayers. The only people who always come out ahead: the consultants.

Media Futurist Jack Myers Has A Cohesive Strategic Vision To Make You Billion$!

Hamilton Nolan · 11/11/08 12:31PM

Did you know that at Huffington Post you are now allowed to use your position as a "blogger" to simply run ads for your own craptastic imaginary version of a ripoff consulting business? It's true! Exhibit A-Z is the new column by "Jack Myers," a "Media futurist" and one of the most jargon-talking jargonists that you may ever hope to jargon with! (Actual bio item: "Jack Myers has nearly 3,000 Facebook friends"). Media futurist Jack Myers interfaces with end users of HuffPo by communicating a strategic column-formed digital word item that "originally appeared at" Okay Jack hit us with some of your forward-facing media marketing advertising knowledge!: Media futurist Jack Myers knows how to make billions of dollars for the media!

Six businesses that should hire Diggers

Nick Douglas · 04/25/07 04:29AM

NICK DOUGLAS — The users of are a horde. But so was the ass-kicking fighting force of Genghis Khan. And remember in Mulan, when Genghis's A-team pops out of the snow after an avalanche buries their army? The top users of the net's biggest social news site are like those guys: superpowerful...well...somethings. Don't insult these people by offering them a dollar a digg; don't hire them away to a lamer version of the site they love. Here are six jobs at which Diggers could excel.