Babies in Williamsburg Just Can't Fall Asleep

Caity Weaver · 04/08/13 11:10AM

For the past few years, the only thing preventing Williamsburg babies from sleeping soundly at naptime was their crippling #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). A sleeping baby can't check out Mateo's great new loft space. A sleeping baby can't purchase a $4 locally brined pickle.

Crane Drops Swimming Pool, Causes Intense Swearing Situation

Maureen O'Connor · 06/13/11 05:11PM

Preparing to wire swimming pool in suburban Minnesota, an electrician passed the time playing with his cellphone. He was videotaping a construction crane placing the pool into the homeowner's backyard when the crane tipped over, crushing the house and causing the most impassioned swearing spree I have ever heard on YouTube. (Fast forward to 1:50 for abridged version.)

White House Constructing 'Mysterious Tunnel' to Obama's Evil Lair

Jim Newell · 04/04/11 03:26PM

A major construction project has begun around the West Wing of the White House, shrouding a "expanding and sometimes earsplitting zone of excavation" with plywood fences. This "overdue upgrade of underground utilities," according to the AP, will take years to complete.

There's an Idea

cityfile · 07/11/08 05:51AM

Now you know why that taxi ride down Broadway will take twice as long pretty soon : "The city is creating a public esplanade along a portion of one of its most prominent streets, Broadway in Midtown, setting aside the east side of the roadway for a bicycle lane and a pedestrian walkway with cafe tables, chairs, umbrellas and flower-filled planters." [NYT]

Arthur Sulzberger Can't Even Manage a Successful Construction Accident

Jesse · 05/03/06 10:50AM

Yesterday afternoon, a three-foot-long metal rod fell from the new New York Times Building, currently under construction across from Port Authority, and crashed through the sunroof of a passing Honda. There were three passengers inside — a husband, who was hit on the shoulder by the pip; his wife, whose head was cut by it; and their 2-year-old son, whose face was scratched. All three were taken to St. Vincent's in Midtown for treatment and soon released.