Will The Lady Gaga Penis Conspiracy Get The Full Reveal Tonight?

Foster Kamer · 09/13/09 02:30PM

Okay, it's silly. Lady Gaga probably doesn't have a penis. But maybe she does. And now, there are rumblings that Lady Gaga has something incredible in store for tonight's VMAs. Let's go over this one more time. Update! Well...

Who Stole Andy Warhol?

Foster Kamer · 09/12/09 12:30PM

Big Trouble in West L.A: Ten Andy Warhol paintings depicting athletes were cat burgled from the house of rich L.A. businessman and art collector Richard Weisman. Involved are a housekeeper/nanny, an anonymous $1M reward, and 70s model Cheryl Tiegs. What?

What Financial Crisis?

Ryan Tate · 09/28/08 11:38PM

Congress has drafted and frozen the consensus agreement reached this morning on the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. The House is set to vote tomorrow. Now would be the time for supporters to at least briefly indulge the naysayers, especially given the weak recent state of opposition politics in this country. Elven Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich has had his brief say on the House floor. And within the media? In 2006 it was a reporter for This American Life playing the contrarian, asking basic questions about then-popular subprime mortgages. "Sometimes, if you want the real answer, you have to ask a dumb question," Times columnist David Carr writes of the reporting in Monday's paper. Today , the person asking the "dumb" question is David Cay Johnston, until recently the Times' aggressive tax reporter. He's wondering whether we're in a crisis at all!

Facebook rigged for "Hussein" hack

Paul Boutin · 08/14/08 04:00PM

Supporters of giggle-monikered Democratic presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama have been changing their middle names to Hussein on Facebook and other sites for a few weeks now. Now Jordan Golson — yes, he used to work here — claims Facebook lets him change to Hussein instantly, but puts other changes on a 24-hour hold. Jordan smells a liberal bias at Facebook. Conspiracy theorists will note that Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes left the social network to run Obama's Web campaign. My guess: The staff just got tired of reviewing every single Hussein change.

Robert Scoble, world's most annoying videoblogger, may not even be human

Owen Thomas · 04/11/08 04:40PM

The most compelling thing about Battlestar Galactica's Cylons is that some don't know they are biomechanical creations, not human beings. That makes them the perfect metaphor for sweetly unbearable videoblogger Robert Scoble, says TV by the Numbers. Scoble, a microcelebrity in the Silicon Valley for his hyperactive social networking, subscribes to an inhuman number of Twitter users — 19,684, to be precise. The obvious conclusion: He's gathering data about humanity in preparation for some nefarious scheme beyond our understanding. We have met our overlords, and they are armed with videocameras. (Photomontage by Richard Blakeley)