Obama Tries to Distract From Benghazi by Capturing Benghazi Suspect

Adam Weinstein · 06/17/14 11:30AM

Not content to let truth-minded conservatives do their job, the White House made a wild attempt to pre-empt congressional scrutiny of its Benghazi failures by catching one of the architects of the Benghazi attack in a daring nighttime raid.

Adam Weinstein · 05/08/14 10:06AM

Is the Obama administration secretly ordering banks to close porn stars' accounts in an anti-money laundering program called "Operation Choke Point"? Probably not, but give conspiracy theorists mad points for hooking up that name and those deeds.

Adam Weinstein · 01/14/14 10:11AM

Sorry, everybody: Edward Snowden's trove of government docs does not prove conclusively "that Washington is secretly run by a malevolent race of extraterrestrials known as 'Tall Whites'—who also, by the way, engineered Hitler's rise to power." But take heart! The truth is out there.

Assassination Town: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Ghosts of New Orleans

Ken Layne · 11/22/13 12:55PM

A weird relic rested on the bookcase in my family's last home in New Orleans: a wooden pipe that had belonged to Jim Garrison, the Orleans Parish district attorney who tried and failed to convict a local businessman named Clay Shaw for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The pipe still smelled of the tobacco its owner had packed and lit before setting it down at a cocktail party. Garrison—that's him on the right—had left the party and forgotten his pipe. And because he was still a hero to some, and especially to my mom, she took Garrison's pipe home as a souvenir.

Latest Terror Suspect Is a Loner Who Lives With His Mom

Lauri Apple · 11/20/11 08:28PM

Say hello to Jose Pimentel! Jose, 27, pictured at right, lives in New York City with his mom, enjoys the Internet, and—according to "his friends" (the mainstream media)—is a "loner." Oh, and he was just arrested for allegedly making pipe bombs for terroristic purposes.

Andrew Sullivan Loves the Release of a Good Document

John Cook · 04/28/11 03:05PM

Newsweek/Daily Beast celebupundit Andrew Sullivan really, really wants to see Trig Palin's birth certificate, thinks Obama should have released his earlier, and has lots of righteous things to say about how real reporters demand to see documents. Funny thing—we're trying to get documents about you, Andrew! Care to help?

Castle Goes X-Files and Gets Abducted by Aliens

Emily Chen · 11/16/10 12:10AM

Castle and Beckett become true believers while investigating the murder of an astrophysicist who seems to have died in space. Unfortunately, when they start digging a little too deep, it's not only their murder victim that gets an otherworldly visit.