Uline, Where the Boss Wishes Employees Watched More Fox News

Hamilton Nolan · 06/15/16 12:15PM

People who work for privately owned companies—even very big ones—are often subject to their bosses’ political whims. For employees of a major Midwestern industrial company, that means regularly being preached to by owners known as the Illinois version of the Koch brothers.

These Are Some People You Could Meet at CPAC

Simon Zachary Chetrit · 03/05/16 06:52PM

At CPAC, shirts are red, people are very predominantly white and “blue lives” matter. From a record attendance of well over 10,000, here are a few portraits of people who paid between $70 and $5,000 to cheer wildly for Dinesh D’Souzas’ new movie trailer and boo about “the Donald Trumps of the left,” whoever they might be.

Republicans Will Fall in Line

Hamilton Nolan · 03/03/16 02:10PM

Right now, the “Republican establishment” is busy wringing its hands over what can be done to stop Donald Trump. Do not be deceived. When the time comes, they will all fall in line with Donald Trump.

Birther Congressman: Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Will Restore America's Soul

Jay Hathaway · 11/16/15 01:08PM

Iowa Congressman Steve King continued to raise doubts about Barack Obama’s place of birth long after the president released his longform birth certificate. As late as last year, he was still asserting that wherever Obama may have been born, he was “not raised with an American experience.” Which is presumably why King just endorsed a real American—Canadian-born Ted Cruz—for president.

Accused Child Molesters Heart Huckabee

Adam Weinstein · 06/11/15 01:24PM

Duggars be damned: It turns out presidential Easter ham Mike Huckabee has another alleged child molester in his coterie. A prolific co-author of Huck’s and other Christian moralists’ books left his church and escaped prosecution when the statute of limitations ran out on his alleged sexual assaults of a young girl.

Rick Santorum Had a Campaign Rally in Iowa and Only One Person Showed Up

Adam Weinstein · 06/10/15 10:51AM

Some competitors thrive on being the underdog. Some find humor and vigor in humiliating setbacks. And some are just glass-jawed failure artists, their piled losses more befitting than any theoretical small victory. Rick Santorum is the latter, having reached mediocrity’s apogee while eating lunch alone on Monday.

Ted Cruz Was the College Debate Prick's College Debate Prick

Adam Weinstein · 04/22/15 11:18AM

Imagine a drama kid—without good looks, singing or dancing ability, who wants to be president, is pretty sure your opinions suck, and thinks you’re an idiot. You just imagined a college parliamentary debater. And who do college parliamentary debaters think are irritating, pitiful jagoffs? In the 1990s, it was Ted Cruz.