Antonin Scalia Won

Alex Pareene · 02/13/16 10:14PM

Justice Antonin Scalia is dead. His proteges will continue to wreak havoc throughout the country for decades. The longest-service justice at the time of his death, Scalia had more than 100 clerks work under him during his tenure. Those clerks (a couple token liberals among them, admittedly) went on to the highest ranks of the American judiciary and legal profession. There’s an army of Scalias out there.

How Not to Beat Ted Cruz

Alex Pareene · 12/24/15 12:37PM

·The GOP establishment will probably learn to love Ted Cruz, a man every Republican in Washington currently hates, when and if they determine that they have no other options. (Marco Rubio isn’t just stagnant, but actually falling in recent national polls.) But they’ll fight him until they are absolutely sure they’re stuck with him. The opposition research has been coming at a furious pace. And so far, it’s a huge whiff.