Caity Weaver · 10/18/12 08:41AM

Eric and Jenny are returning to Gossip Girl for the final season. They will be treated as strangers and shot on sight.

The Hunger Games Waiting Game

Richard Lawson · 08/08/11 05:10PM

The release date for the second movie has been announced and it is a long time from now. Also today: the end of Desperate Housewives, two Southerners finally get together, and it's goodbye to the gay on Gossip Girl.


cityfile · 08/12/09 08:42AM

Whitney Port walking home from the gym ... Famke Janssen walking downtown ... Beyonce leaving dinner at Nello on Madison Avenue ... Rihanna going shopping at Barneys ... Mischa Barton filming scenes for The Beautiful Life in SoHo, right before Elle Macpherson showed up to shoot her scenes, too ... Ed Westwick arriving at JFK ... Alessandra Ambrosio arriving at MTV Studios in Times Square ... Kate Hudson sitting with CC Sabathia's wife, Amber, at a Yankee game ... Ashton Kutcher holding hands with Demi Moore while walking in the East Village ... Kate Gosselin leaving her hotel en route to ABC Studios ... Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo eating lunch on the Gossip Girl set ... and Oprah leaving Phillippe with Gayle King and Alicia Keys.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/10/09 06:34AM

Adrian Grenier turns 33 today. Jessica Simpson is turning 29. City comptroller (and mayoral wannabe) William Thompson is turning 56. Former mayor David Dinkins is turning 82. Times film critic A.O. Scott is 43. Showtime chief Matt Blank is turning 59. Author and marketing guru Seth Godin is 49. Writer Alice Munro is 78. Actress Sofia Vergara is 37. Eunice Kennedy Shriver is turning 88. The Office's Phyllis Smith is 58. Socialite Lisa Anastos is 41. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is turning 52. And Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys is 55. Weekend birthdays below!


cityfile · 11/13/08 10:21AM

Peaches Geldof carrying takeout in Brooklyn ... Ed Westwick walking around town in a velour track suit ... Kate Winslet talking on her cell phone in the West Village ... Kelly Rutherford buying a pretzel on the street with her baby Hermes ... Salma Hayek carrying her baby Valentina ... Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo filming scenes for Gossip Girl in Midtown ... Katie Holmes heading to yoga class and later getting out of an SUV outside her East 13th Street apartment ... Russell Brand and Jack Black standing outside the Late Show with David Letterman ... and Whoopi Goldberg protesting Proposition 8 outside a Mormon church on Columbus Avenue.

OK, Fine: Gossip Girl Boys May Actually Like Girls

Richard Lawson · 05/29/08 05:13PM

I may have implied earlier today, in our fun photo gallery, (and on many other occasions) that some of the male stars of TV's bitchy uptown soap Gossip Girl like to touch other boys' privates. Yeah, I like to joke/desperately hope that they're gay. But mounting photo evidence seems to suggest otherwise. Ed Westwick likes to smooch women in bed, Connor Paolo (who plays resident gay Erik van der Woodsen on the show) is a red-blooded seventeen-year-old (yikes!) breeder who likes to grind up ons young ladies (thanks for the photo, tipster), and Chace Crawford (the gayyyyyest one) likes to rub his face all over girls at bars. So, sigh, there you have it. Or! Maybe these guys just have very talented publicists! Click thru for larger image, plus another uncomfortable image from our previously mentioned tipster.