Hedge Funder Sells at the Park Laurel

cityfile · 11/13/09 09:03AM

• Hedge funder Steve Stuart, who left Fortress Investment Group in 2007 to found his own firm, has finally found a buyer for his 35th floor apartment at the Park Laurel on West 63rd Street. The four-bedroom condo, which Stuart bought for $5.4 million in 2004 and put on the market for $10.8 million in October 2008, sold this week to an unidentified buyer for $7.4 million. [Cityfile, Corcoran]
• Prolific real estate investor Michael Hirtenstein is the mystery buyer who has agreed to purchase financier Armon Bar-Tur's townhouse at 92 Charles Street. Hirtenstein picked up the four-bedroom home, which was most recently listed for $14.95 million, for "about $13.5 million." [NYP]
• Longtime Dakota residents Connie Chung and Maury Povich are preparing to leave New York. The couple has gone into contract to buy a 12,500-square-foot home in Washington, DC for $8.98 million, although Chung says they're not planning on moving into the new home until 2010 or 2011. [WSJ]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/20/09 06:25AM

Today Show weatherman Al Roker turns 55 today. Actress Amy Adams is turning 35. Fred Wilson, New York's best-known venture capitalist, is 48. Connie Chung is turning 63. Local TV anchor Maurice DuBois is 44. Fred Durst is turning 39. Former presidential candidate Ron Paul is 74. Tony-winning actress Joan Allen is turning 53. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame is 61. Boxing promoter Don King is turning 78. And Disney star Demi Lovato celebrates her 17th birthday today.

The Hard Life Of A Former Network Anchor

Hamilton Nolan · 11/25/08 02:41PM

Ted Koppel, the impressively-haired former ABC newsman, is parting ways with the Discovery network six months before his contract is up. You may or may not have been aware that he's been working with them since 2006. Not the greatest tragedy in history, but it does point to the sad plight of the former big-time news anchor. There's nowhere to go but down from the heights of the network news desk. Where are all those famous former anchors today?

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/20/08 06:37AM

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson turns 47 today, but he beat us to it and already announced the news on his blog. Other people celebrating today: Today's Al Roker is turning 54. Connie Chung is 62. CBS 2 morning anchor Maurice DuBois is 43. Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst is 38. Former presidential candidate (and Texas congressman) Ron Paul is turning 73. And the Tony-winning actress Joan Allen is 52.

Isla Fisher Chooses Stardom Over Judaism, But All The Other Converted Actresses? Some Fine Lookin' Jews

Molly Friedman · 07/10/08 07:55PM

When choosing between months of intensive studies spent hunched over a Torah preparing for your kiddushin (that's betrothal for you goyum, which are non-Jews for you...non-Jews), and becoming a big star, it seems Isla Fisher has decided to go with the latter. As the Daily Mail reports, the potential redheaded successor to Lucille Ball's slapstick throne has put off the conversion process in order to complete filming Confessions Of A Shopaholic. And fiance Sacha Baron Cohen's ultra-religious parents just don't see what all this movie stardom fuss is all about. The wedding date has reportedly been postponed, Cohen's gone back to making Israelis cry as Bruno, and the wee Cohen baby is presumably in the hands of the only au pair they could find who hasn't seen Borat. But Fisher isn't the first actress to undergo conversion to Judaism for a guy — from Liz Taylor to Connie Chung, a diverse handful of stars became Jews in the name of love, though not every shattered wine glass led to a happy ending...

Connie Chung

cityfile · 02/08/08 09:03AM

Born in 1946 and raised in D.C. as the youngest of ten (yes, ten) children, Chung got her bachelor's degree in journalism from U-Maryland, College Park. Talk about getting off to a running start, she began her career in the enviable position of being the DC correspondent for CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite during the Watergate scandal.

Stalk of the Town: Maury Povich's Current Affair

gawktern · 12/07/06 02:40PM

The time: 10 p.m.
The date: December 2, 2006.
The place: West 59th Street.
Sighted: "Maury Povich walking along West 59th Street. He was in a peacoat and glasses and Connie Chung was following a few people behind him, looking rather chilly."

Media Bubble: Angelina Interview Was an Even Bigger Deal Than You Thought

Jesse · 06/22/06 03:40PM

• Anderson's Angelina interview is "a watershed moment in the history of CNN." Huh. And we thought it was just kind of boring. [LAT]
• Connie Chung has no regrets — well, at least too few to mention — about her "Thanks for the Memories" farewell. Probably because she's the only person who hasn't had to watch it repeatedly. [TV Guide]
• Dan Rather still eats lunch. [Media Mob/NYO]
NYP business reporter Tim Arango wants to be on TV. Oh, honey, don't we all? [Jossip]

Connie Chung, Bad Singer and Worse Comedian

Jesse · 06/20/06 09:49AM

Remain mystified by Connie Chung's off-key, ill-choreographed, nonsensically lyric'ed song-and-dance routine bidding farewell to her avec-Maury MSNBC show? (Haven't seen it yet? Oh, go watch. You'll thank us.) In this morning's Times, media reporter Jacques Steinberg graciously explains. It was, as Connie insists, all just a joke. Oh really? Hmm. In this case, then, we fear Connie never learned what our father used to tell us were the first and second cardinal rules of humor: First, your joke must be funny. Second, other people must think it's funny. How we wish we'd been able to explain this to her last week.

Everytime Connie Chung Says Goodbye We Die A Little, Especially This Time

abalk2 · 06/16/06 02:51PM

Humorist Dave Barry once described Richard Nixon's resignation statement as "a semicoherent speech about his mother that may well rank as the single most embarrassing moment in American history." Watching this clip of Connie Chung "singing" farewell to her audience leads us to believe that the 37th president can finally rest in peace. Maury, we forgive you too.

Media Bubble: Nobody Likes Barney Anymore

Jesse · 01/03/06 02:40PM

• Oh, bad job, Keller and Sulzberger. Finally public editor Barney Calame grows a pair and decides to write about something interesting and relevant — why you chose to hold the domestic-spying store for a year — and you guys promptly snip them off. Now he'll never work up the nerve again, alas. [NYT]
• The Elizabeth-and-Bob show starts at ABC News tonight, and we're pretty sure the senior citizens who still watch the evening newscasts are aquiver with excitement. That, or Parkinson's. One of the two. [USAT]
• Last week Forbes said WashPostCo would be the Journal. Now Jim Cramer says Murdoch will. [NYM]
• Joel Stein and Maureen Dowd are feuding. God knows who to root for. [LAT]
• 2005 was, essentially, Vanity Fair's very bestest year ever. [WWD]
• Rumor has it the Underneath the Robes dude is set to become the new Wonkette. Hmm. Interesting. [WSJ; NYO]
NYT lurves NY1. [NYT]
• Chung and Povitch have a new show and think they're Hepburn and Tracey. Which is sort of cute, in a deluded way. [NYM]