Mashup Camp asks attendees for money

ndouglas · 02/10/06 01:58PM

When Mashup Camp calls itself "the unconference for the uncomputer," is that like 7-up being "the uncola"? The upcoming camp sounded pretty indie at first. But after sponsorships from Adobe, AOL, eBay, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and Sun Microsystems, it was more like Mountain Dew Code Red: another industry-approved "camp"-branded conference. No prob, that's still fun, and admission is free.

Walt Mossberg privacy watch

ndouglas · 02/08/06 05:26PM

Two Walt Mossberg items just showed up. Looks like the Wall Street Journal tech writer ought to go into hiding.

Lloyd go home: Braun bombs at conference

ndouglas · 02/06/06 09:46AM

Lloyd Braun didn't stick around long at The Entertainment Gathering. The Yahoo Media Group head popped into the trendy mogul meeting just to give his speech. Then he popped back out — just what he should've done at Yahoo by now. A source says that before Braun left, he argued with the gathering's creator, Richard Saul Wurman:

Blog Cruise 2006: Scoble and a seafood buffet

ndouglas · 02/02/06 09:51AM

Exclusive tip to Valleywag readers — I just heard of a TOTALLY AMAZING pleasure cruise. In between meals of buffet-style shrimp salad, cruisers will attend exciting lectures about the blogosphere.