Today Is a Work Holiday in Alabama to Honor Jefferson Davis

Adam Weinstein · 06/01/15 08:58AM

If you needed to run yonder to Bessemer for that easement to cross Scuzz McWhorter’s field so’s you can dig up all the lead shot what gramma’s blasted out there from the kitchen porch over all these years, let it wait till Tuesday, son: Alabama done went down to the beach in honor of the Confederacy!

Tom Scocca · 06/02/14 01:01PM

It's Jefferson Davis Day in Alabama, but the Wall Street Journal reports not everyone wants a holiday for a slave-owning traitor: "There are so many more worthy people to honor—like Waldo Semon, the inventor of vinyl," one Alabamian says. Maybe y'all can just skip the day off and work harder?

UVA Law Students Love Confederate Flag Beer Pong

Hamilton Nolan · 03/01/11 01:02PM

Oh, cool: at the University of Virginia law school there's a "Feb Club" that hosts themed parties throughout February. Then they put up party pics on their blog. Here's one from their latest bash: note the awesome Confederate flag beer pong tables.