Every S.C. Statehouse Flag Is at Half Staff--Except the Confederate One

Andy Cush · 06/18/15 04:10PM

While the U.S. and South Carolina state flags that fly above the South Carolina state house were lowered to half-mast today in mourning for the nine victims of last night’s shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, the Confederate flag on display outside the building is still flying high and proud. Why? Because the bizarre display of racist symbolism is so closely protected that it would be impossible to move it without a legislative vote.

Dylann Roof's Car, Like S.C. Statehouse, Flies a Confederate Flag

Andy Cush · 06/18/15 12:37PM

Photos posted to a Facebook page that appears to belong to South Carolina gunman Dylann Storm Roof show a young man posing in front of a black Hyundai Elantra with a front plate that reads “Confederate States of America” and displays three Confederate flags.

Louisiana Defends Its Confederate Flag From 'Revisionists'

Hamilton Nolan · 05/09/11 09:11AM

In Louisiana, a black man who was convicted for murder is seeking to overturn his conviction on several grounds, the most interesting of which is this: he contends that the fact that the Confederate flag flies in front of the courthouse where he was convicted is evidence of discrimination.

Confederate Flag Art Removed After Complaints

Max Read · 02/04/11 02:04AM

Georgia's current state flag is based on the first national flag of the Confederacy. So you'd think "heritage"-pimping Georgians would be cool with a painting based on the Confederate Battle Flag. But apparently not. Was it the Klansman, maybe?