Report: Lot Going on Here

Andy Cush · 03/08/16 02:15PM

The Valley News, a newspaper serving the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, brings us the story of Kenny Rogers, a man who flies a Confederate Flag outside his home, much to the chagrin of his neighbors. You might be asking first: Wait—Kenny Rogers? No, no, my friend—not that Kenny Rogers. You might be asking next: Wait—Vermont, New Hampshire, Confederate Flag? Yes, my friend—and that’s not all.

24 Students at Virginia High School Suspended for Wearing the Confederate Flag

Sophie Saint Thomas · 09/17/15 09:00PM

24 students at a southwestern Virginia high school were suspended Thursday for wearing clothing displaying the Confederate flag in protest of school policy. Christiansburg High School banned the symbol after instances of “racially motivated behavior” (or “mysteriously and not at all purposefully unelaborated behavior”) back in 2001 and 2002, NBC reports.

Walmart Is Very Sorry It Made an ISIS Cake

Ashley Feinberg · 06/29/15 06:10PM

Earlier this weekend, a Southern American by the name of Chuck Netzhammer was dismayed when Walmart refused to make him a Confederate flag cake. He was even more dismayed when the store seemed to have no problem making what he dubbed an “ISIS battle cake.” So, Netzhammer asked the question that’s been weighing on everyone’s mind: “Does Walmart support ISIS?”

No Confederate Flags? Try These RED HOT eBay Deals for Racists

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/23/15 03:15PM

EBay announced today that, after last week’s racist massacre in Charleston, the online auction site would no longer permit the sale of Confederate flags. And they’re not alone—Walmart, Amazon, Etsy and Sears also say they won’t sell the flag anymore.

Va. Governor Orders Removal of Confederate Flag From License Plates

Taylor Berman · 06/23/15 10:04AM

Six days after nine people were killed during a shooting at a historic black church in South Carolina, Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe announced that his state would begin the process of removing Confederate flags from their license plates. “As you all know, I have spent the past 17 months working to build a new Virginia economy that is more open and welcoming to everyone,” he said in a statement. “Removing this symbol from our state-issued license plates will be another step towards realizing that goal.”