"They Were Amazing Soldiers": Interview With a Confederate Reenactor 

Colette Shade · 06/29/15 11:30AM

As debate around the Confederate flag has roiled on the national stage, I was reminded of how, when I was in sixth grade in Virginia, a Confederate Civil War reenactor visited my American history class to tell us how fun it was to dress up in a grey wool uniform, eat hardtack, and painstakingly stage 19th century battles in the stifling Piedmont humidity.

One in Four Americans Sympathize More with Confederacy

Max Read · 04/12/11 09:45PM

There are two sides to the Civil War, as CNN has pointed out to us, so it makes sense that a poll commissioned by the network finds that 23 percent of Americans sympathize more with the Confederacy ("the bad guys"). And, let's be honest: Slightly less that one-quarter is actually pretty good, as questions like this go; similar percentages of people believe that President Obama is Muslim. Of course the South has a rate of Confederate sympathy at 38 percent—the highest of any demographic grouping—but (and maybe we have diminished expectations) the fact that a solid majority of southerners prefer the United States to a group of treasonous racists seems like cause for celebration. Maybe in another 150 years we can get that number down to 30 percent! [CNN; image via AP]

Confederate Flag Art Removed After Complaints

Max Read · 02/04/11 02:04AM

Georgia's current state flag is based on the first national flag of the Confederacy. So you'd think "heritage"-pimping Georgians would be cool with a painting based on the Confederate Battle Flag. But apparently not. Was it the Klansman, maybe?