FDNY/NYPD Football Game Devolves Into Fisticuffs

Brendan O'Connor · 05/24/16 08:20AM

Members of the NYPD and FDNY football teams were supposed to line up and shake hands after playing in the “Fun City Bowl” (a charity game) this weekend. Instead, because everyone involved is very big and tough, there was a shoving match and some punches thrown and a lot of yelling.

Confused NYPD Officer Kicks Fellow Cop in Head Thinking He's a Suspect

Andy Cush · 10/23/14 08:50AM

The video below shows a plainclothes NYPD officer cranking back his leg and driving the toe of his boot into another man's head. "So what?" you might be saying. "Cops beat the shit out of people all the time." In this case, however, the victim was another cop.

Coney Island Is Cleaner Since that Devastating Hurricane Hit

Hamilton Nolan · 03/11/13 01:49PM

Beloved New York day trip destination and shithole Coney Island was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Not to worry: Matt Chaban reports that, with the official opening of CONEY SUMMER 2013 FUCK YEAH CLAM STRIPS *VOMITS* just weeks away, the rebuilding effort has successfully rehabilitated the charming hellscape. Buildings, completely remodeled! Businesses, spiffed up! Rides, scrubbed and repainted! The very sand on the beach sifted for debris, leaving the beaches "cleaner than they probably have been in a century!"

NYC's Oldest Bialy Shop Saved by Two Muslims

Seth Abramovitch · 11/03/11 12:19AM

Here's a delicious template for peace in the Middle East: Coney Island Bialys and Bagels — at 91, the oldest bialy shop in New York City — was on the brink of shutting down after the founder's grandson had called it quits. But the bialys will live on, thanks to two Muslim businessmen harboring a deep fondness for the ways of the shmear.

Rogue Hot Dog-Eating Champ's Record Is Bogus

Jeff Neumann · 07/08/11 04:15AM

On Monday, it seemed that the bad boy of competitive eating, former world champion Takeru Kobayashi had unofficially reclaimed his crown as the world's greatest eater of hot dogs when he bested nemesis Joey Chestnut at an alternate event in Manhattan. But video of Kobayashi's event proves otherwise.

Off the Track

Brian Moylan · 12/28/10 07:00PM

[A crew shovels off the Q train track in Coney Island today. Plenty of New Yorkers are pissed that two days after the snow started their roads haven't been plowed and public transport is a mess. Image via AP]

Wheel of Wonder

Adrian Chen · 05/30/10 03:12PM

[The new Luna Park opened this weekend on Coney Island. It is getting positive reviews. Go there and eat some cotton candy, take a few rides on the Wonder Wheel. (Pic via Getty)]

Salt Water Daffy

Brian Moylan · 03/08/10 06:40PM

[Some people are crazy enough to take a dip on the beach in Coney Island, even though winter still isn't technically over. Image via Getty]