Hot Eligible Bachelor Rupert Murdoch Buys New $57 Million Fuck Pad

Adam Weinstein · 02/21/14 03:01PM

It's been three months since Fox media mogul Rupert Murdoch slipped the surly bonds of matrimonial discord with Wendi Deng, ceding her custody of their two children and Fifth Avenue triplex. Lesser men might buckle under the ennui now. Murdoch bought a sick fucking condo.

Awful Clubs and Soulless Condos, Together at Last

Hamilton Nolan · 03/29/10 09:29AM

Are you one of those "young people whose true religion is music?" Marketing consultants have determined the proper place for you to live: in a gleaming, Miami Beach-style condo on West 30th street. Where music lives!

New Condos For The Poor

Hamilton Nolan · 12/08/09 11:41AM

The NYC Housing Authority is spending $248 million to renovate two shitty Brooklyn housing projects, while "a developer recently spent...$152 million [building a] condominium tower nearby." Which is probably languishing unsold! Just give everyone a free condo, the end. [NYT.]

Gay, Hipster, Yuppie Condo Party Degenerates Into "Shitshow"

Hamilton Nolan · 05/28/08 03:53PM

At a new condo in the East Village in NYC, a volatile mix of summer weather, a rooftop pool, gays, hipsters, and wealthy young hedge fund yuppies conspired to form a party that resulted, predictably, in drinking, drugs, debauchery, and defecation. Disasters of this type never happened when all members of various disparate cultural groups stayed neatly separated from each other, in neighborhoods segmented by class, wealth, race, and sexual preference. A Curbed tipster gives a brief glimpse into this dangerous world in which ubiquitous money obliterates traditional social boundaries and brings together GayHipYups in search of intoxication:

Trust Funds Buy N.Y.U. Kids Condos

Doree Shafrir · 05/08/07 03:34PM

We were all set to post about the N.Y.U. mag Brownstone's silly "14 Most Influential Students" feature ("After stalling for awhile, I finally asked him why he thought he made the list, having no real idea myself." Okay then!). Until we noticed the ad that the magazine is running on their website. Here's to living off campus!

Cheery Condo Clubhouses A Safe Space For New York's Newest Entitled Useless Dipshits

Josh · 04/30/07 05:15PM

It is only a matter of time until ID-card protected walkways connect the new condo buildings that self-contain New York's newest and brightest youngsters. The Times real estate front pager on those "friendly apartment buildings" this weekend was notable for the picture alone: Carefree whites chortling over a complimentary croissant, a tub of Stoneyfield Yogurt self-righteously open on the spotless glass table. It filled us with loathing. These are people who amble downstairs (or upstairs!) and cavort with their fellow tenants in vast and well-lit common safe spaces. They are clad in "in sweatshirts and fuzzy slippers, suits and oxfords, seeking chocolate muffins and Cheerios." They are evil and they must be stopped. But what if they are us?

How To Sell A Building To A Dumb Person

josh · 04/26/07 04:25PM

Today's New York Post Home real estate insert conveniently gathers all the ridiculous slogans that upscale condos are using to lure rubes into laying out $2,000 per square foot. Let's get a gander at what the best advertising minds of our generation have to offer!