cityfile · 11/05/09 04:48PM

• Is Oprah preparing to leave her syndicated show behind and take her act to OWN, her long-delayed cable network? That's the rumor anyway. [DH]
• The new editor of the Observer is Kyle Pope, formerly of Portfolio. [NYO]
• Cable meets kindergarten: Fox News will stop being mean to MSNBC only if MSNBC first stops being mean to Fox News, reports Rupert Murdoch. [NYT]
Fortune and Time are expected to be hardest hit by layoffs at Time Inc. [NYP]
• Scripps has beat out News Corp. for control of the Travel Channel. [BN]
• Susan Plagemann has been named the new publisher of Vogue. Meanwhile, Tom Florio will now oversee Vogue, Bon Appétit and Traveler. [WWD]
Bloomberg BusinessWeek (or BBW for short) has its new team in place. [NYT]

Don Hewitt Dies; Condé Nast Under the Microscope

cityfile · 08/19/09 01:53PM

• Don Hewitt, the man who invented 60 Minutes, is dead at 86. [CBS, NYT]
• Those McKinsey consultants at Condé Nast have commenced their work. The first order of business: a review of Vogue and Condé Nast Traveler. [NYO]
• Related: Anna Wintour is "said to have told" Condé boss Si Newhouse that "she would welcome McKinsey to her offices." So welcome, guys! [WWD]
• Nine companies are said to be eyeing BusinessWeek, the struggling title owned by McGraw-Hill. The front-runner, according to the Post's Keith Kelly: financier Bruce Wasserstein, who also owns New York magazine. [NYP]
• Is Fox News going to fire Glenn Beck given all his insane comments and all the advertisers who have since abandoned the show? Alas, no. [DailyFinance]

The Times Backs Down, Wolverine's Big Weekend

cityfile · 05/04/09 11:07AM

• Tense negotiations over proposed budget cuts continue between the New York Times Co. and unions that represent workers at the Boston Globe; in the meantime, the Times has postponed plans to shut down the paper. [NYT, WSJ]
• Another way the Times is planning to rake in some much needed cash: It may raise newsstand prices as early as this week. [FT]
• NBC announced several shows that it plans to add to primetime. One show noticeably missing from the lineup: Law and Order. [Variety, NYT]
• Ex-Portfolio publisher William Li has landed at Condé Nast Traveler. [NYO]
• A positive aspect to the cuts at Conde Nast? Media buyers "say that publishers and salespeople are becoming easier to work with. [Crain's]
Wolverine grossed a whopping $87 million at the box office. [Variety]

Kaplan to Traveler

cityfile · 04/29/09 02:32PM

Former New York Observer editor Peter Kaplan has landed at Condé Nast Traveler as the magazine's new creative director. [WWD]

Splits at the NYO and MySpace; Viacom's New Channel

cityfile · 04/23/09 11:14AM

• Chris DeWolfe is out as the CEO of News Corp.-owned MySpace. [CNN]
• More on Peter Kaplan's split from Jared Kushner's Observer, and the rumor Kaplan is now heading to Condé Nast Traveler. [NYT, WWD, DHD]
• ABC has renewed 12 series, including Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives. [THR]
• Viacom, the parent company BET, is planning to start up a new cable TV channel for middle-aged African-Americans. [NYT]
Barry Diller is looking to shed his email newsletter Very Short List. Bob Pittman and Jared Kushner have taken a look; co-founders Kurt Andersen and Michael Jackson are considering a management buyout. [NYP]
• The New York Times Co. foundation is suspending its grants and no longer matching employees' charitable donations. [Gawker]

Profit Plunge at CBS, Post Protest, Conan's Last Days

cityfile · 02/19/09 12:35PM

• CBS reports that profits plunged 52 percent last quarter. [Variety]
• The editor of the Post is defending the chimp cartoon in yesterday's paper; meanwhile, Al Sharpton led a protest outside News Corp. today. [E&P, WCBS]
• Despite the horrible reviews, the second-season premiere of Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City on Tuesday set a high for the series. [THR]
• Chris Mitchell has been named the publisher of Conde Nast Traveler. [MW]
Conan O'Brien will conclude his 16-year Late Night run on Friday. Then it's off to LA to take over for Jay Leno as host of the Tonight Show. [NYT]

New Legal Battle for the Weinsteins, Shake Up at Condé

cityfile · 02/05/09 12:35PM

• Lionsgate and the Weinstein Co. filed lawsuits against each other yesterday over distribution rights to the Sundance hit film Push. [THR]
• Shake up at Condé Nast: New Yorker publisher Drew Schutte is out and will be replaced by Condé Nast Traveler publisher Lisa Hughes. [NYP]
• The New York Times Co. is cutting staff at its unit. [Reuters]
• Walter Isaacson has a few thoughts on how to save newspapers. [Time]
• The House has voted to extend the deadline to switch to digital TV. [NYT]
Katie Couric will be hitting the catwalk during Fashion Week. Yay. [WWD]

'New Yorker' Marketing Dept. Might Want to Figure Out What This Whole "Demographics" Thing Is About

Doree Shafrir · 11/16/06 05:25PM

A tipster forwards an email sent to New Yorker readers—some sort of bastard child cross-promotion with Conde Nast Traveler and HGTV—offering them the chance to win a "VIP Getaway" to the Rose Bowl, including $10,000 in cash. This offer raises several important questions, chief among them being, when was the last time you think a New Yorker reader watched the Rose Bowl, let alone wanted to go to it? Then again, this is the same marketing department that assumed New Yorker readers were dying for the latest Suri Cruise news.

The Glorious Fast Track at Condé Nast

Jessica · 08/05/05 08:23AM

Tired of twiddling your thumbs and desperately wondering, How can I get my foot in the door at Condé Nast when I'm only a slightly attractive individual with average body fat? Well, young grasshoppers, it's easier than you think. One need simply spend several thousands of dollars to pursue a degree in journalism, and then fine glossies like Condé Nast Traveler will come knocking at your door with exotic, unpaid internship offers. From there, it's just a mere 6 or 7 years of indentured servitude until you're breaking the glass ceiling from your corner cubicle. And you thought j-school was a waste!