A Guide to the Right Wing's Hillary Clinton Health Conspiracy Theories

Allie Jones · 02/23/16 01:42PM

As Hillary Clinton’s path to the nomination becomes clearer, our favorite right-wingers have doubled down on the conspiracy theory that she has been—secretly—in exceedingly poor health since she suffered a concussion in 2012. What exactly wrong with her? You would not believe how many things.

Remember Concussion Director Peter Landesman's Sketchy, Unprovable Sex Trafficking Exposé?

Allie Jones · 09/03/15 08:00AM

Emails released in the Sony hack reveal that Concussion director and screenwriter Peter Landesman altered his upcoming film, which seeks to shed light on the deathly consequences faced by NFL players after getting hit in the head repeatedly, to prevent possible legal action by the NFL. Landesman, a former journalist for The New York Times Magazine, admitted as much to the Times on Tuesday, explaining that he wanted to be careful with the facts and evidence presented in his movie to protect its credibility.

The New York Times Is Suddenly No Longer Above Reading Someone's Hacked Emails

Sam Biddle · 09/02/15 01:30PM

When hackers dumped an unfathomably large trove of internal materials from Sony Pictures on the internet last December, it created a feeding frenzy among reporters—unless you worked at the New York Times, which took a moral stance against touching stolen goods. Today, the Times has a big story explicitly based on material from that leak. So what changed?