Watch Britney Spears Straddle Joe Jonas in Concert Striptease

Matt Cherette · 10/31/11 08:53PM

Britney Spears spent Halloween night performing a concert at London's Wembley Arena with Joe Jonas, whom she recently signed on to the European leg of her Femme Fatale Tour. The downside of performing a concert on Halloween, of course, is missing out on all of the trick-or-treating fun. But luckily for Jonas, Spears made up for the candy shortage by performing a little striptease for him, complete with semi-awkward straddling! Here's an incredibly clear and up close video of it. [via YouTube]

Avril Lavigne Narrowly Escapes Attack During Concert in Brazil

Matt Cherette · 08/03/11 11:31PM

During a concert in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on Tuesday, Avril Lavigne was about to begin a cover of Coldplay's "Fix You" when a rogue superfan approached her after gaining access to the stage. Lavigne's security team acted quickly to remove the assailant, but not before she let out a fearful shriek, as you'll see in the video above. [via ONTD]

Equipment Malfunction Creates Awkward Moment at Lady Gaga's GMA Concert

Matt Cherette · 05/27/11 10:04AM

Lady Gaga kicked off Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series today before a record crowd in Central Park. The spectacle wasn't without its technical difficulties, though, as Gaga failed to appear on stage until near the end of her opening number due to a stubborn zip-line.

Watch Lady Gaga Fall on Her Face Again

Brian Moylan · 04/21/11 12:37PM

Today on The Internet's Funniest Home Videos, here is Lady Gaga slipping and falling while performing "Poker Face" at a recent gig in Atlanta. This is great because we get to see the fall over and over again from every angle.

Watch Prince Kick Kim Kardashian Off the Stage

Matt Cherette · 02/08/11 04:18PM

Last night, Prince performed a concert at Madison Square Garden. During the show, he invited Kim Kardashian on stage to dance with him. But she just stood there awkwardly! So, he kicked her ass off the stage like a boss.

Here's a Japanese Concert That Stars an Anime Hologram

Matt Cherette · 11/09/10 02:55PM

Japan isn't exactly known for being normal, we know this. But did you ever think you'd see a concert—attended by thousands of screaming fans—that starred an anime-like hologram? Whether you did or not, here it is. Watch inside.

Rihanna Proves You Can't Moonwalk in Stilettos

Maureen O'Connor · 05/11/10 08:20PM

Performing in Hamburg last week, Rihanna turned around, dropped her microphone, and attempted a moonwalk—but ended up tiptoe-tottering backwards in pathetic slow motion instead.

Alanis Morrisette Is So Over Ryan Reynolds

ian spiegelman · 05/24/08 01:35PM

Alanis Morrissette is gorgeous and genius, if a tad needy, and her ex Ryan Reynolds is a vapid lump of bad actor who never deserved her. Which is why what happened at her listening party the other night is so awesome. "'Every time I go through something difficult, I think, this is the mother load. I'm not going to get through this one,' Alanis Morissette said last night during an intimate performance in New York. 'And then six months later I'm like, what's his name again?' And with that, the journal-spewing Queen of '90s Rock quashed any rumors that she was heartbroken over her ex-fiancé Ryan Reynolds' recent engagement to Tom Waits admirer Scarlett Johansson."

Remainders: Cruise Hiding The Money Quote, War of the Worlds Continues

pevans · 08/24/06 07:22PM

• Nikki Finke reveals the missing money quote from the War of the Worlds: Viacom Vs. Cruise edition. [Deadline Hollywood]
• William H Macy wants to can Lindsay Lohan, probably because she dated Jared Leto briefly in '05. [Celebrity Week]
• The themes are: Incest, drug addiction, and promiscuous sex. Hmmm must be a Marie Claire party. [FWD]
• This couple from the m nage a laptop story real do get around [Salon]
• Video of 6'7" Jewish Rapper with dreadlocks. Nuff said, no? [ANIMAL]
• Katrina Anniversary Concert: featuring The Roots, Moby, Rosie Perez, Julia Stules and more. [Beyond Katrina]