Maybe the College Kids Should Destroy College? 

Jordan Sargent · 11/12/15 03:22PM

It is fair to say that, in examining the twin meltdowns at Yale and the University of Missouri, the pundit class has come down against the tactics of the students, who, in both cases, have been militant and aggressive. The writers have seen parts of each protest—Yale students berating a professor, Mizzou students boxing out a photographer—as a threat to college as we know it. But could colleges not stand to be threatened?

You Can Hate the Press, But You Can't Just Shove the Press Away

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/10/15 07:21PM

Yesterday, protests at the University of Missouri reached an apex as hundreds of students, and at least one university professor, began physically expelling reporters from covering an encampment set up in a public university yard. What started out as a protest against the school turned into a protest against the media, prompting a mass confusion over who has what rights when the press encounters a hostile subject.