You Need to Watch Norm Macdonald's Hilarious Old Fake Sully Sullenberger Biopic

Jordan Sargent · 07/01/16 04:15PM

As of today, you can watch the first trailer for the new Tom Hanks-starring, Clint Eastwood-directed biopic of Sully Sullenberger, the US Airways pilot who dramatically landed a full jet in the Hudson River in 2009. I’m sure the movie will be decent, but it’s impossible for it to be better than the fake Sully biopic created by Norm Macdonald for Conan O’Brien just a month after the incident.

Jennifer Aniston Explains How She Ended up Wearing a Cock Ring On-Screen

Jay Hathaway · 12/05/14 06:00PM

Jennifer Aniston's bleep-heavy tour of the late night circuit made a stop on Conan last night, where she revealed the necklace she wore in Horrible Bosses 2 was actually a big ol' cock ring, and she told Conan O'Brien she wouldn't have it any other way.

Conan O'Brien Sang Simpsons' "Monorail Song" at the Hollywood Bowl

Kelly Conaboy · 09/13/14 12:52PM

Last night, the cast of The Simpsons gathered at the Hollywood Bowl for "The Simpsons Take the Bowl," a musical event celebrating the show's 25th anniversary. A number of the show's most memorable musical moments were revisited, but perhaps the most exciting was Conan O'Brien's performance of "The Monorail Song," from the episode "Marge vs. The Monorail."

Conan Broke the News of Robin Williams' Death to His Audience

Aleksander Chan · 08/12/14 06:30AM

Conan was taping its Monday episode with guest Will Arnett when news broke that Robin Williams had been found dead in his home in California from an apparent suicide. After hearing of Williams' death, the show taped an additional segment after shooting for the episode had wrapped, where O'Brien—visibly shaken and resisting a trembling voice—expresses his condolences, grief, and shock. When he announces the news, you can hear members of the audience gasp. "I'm sorry to anyone in our studio audience that I'm breaking this news," O'Brien said. "This is absolutely shocking and horrifying."

For Your Consideration: Conan O'Brien's Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda Scene

Jay Hathaway · 07/24/14 11:30AM

Conan O'Brien may be the biggest human star in Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda, but he doesn't get a ton of screen time in his cameo as a slightly more dickish version of himself. Perhaps the producers were concerned that, if cast in a longer role, he would compete with Sharktopus for the spotlight and overshadow poor Pteracuda completely.

Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco Join Tinder, Things Get Weird

Jay Hathaway · 07/18/14 09:39AM

Conan O'Brien always wants to grok the groovy things all the kids are doing these days, and the younger members of his staff have turned him on to Tinder. So, accompanied by Dave Franco and a perfectly innocent prowler van full of booze and duct tape, he set off on a vision quest to discover the true meaning of "DTF."

Conan O'Brien Gently Eviscerated Sharon Stone's New Movie to Her Face

Rich Juzwiak · 05/09/14 12:05PM

For anyone who saw and didn't find charm in John Turturro's insane vanity project, Fading Gigolo, Conan O'Brien's interview with Sharon Stone on last night's Conan was a welcome helping of catharsis. For those who haven't seen the movie, Turturro wrote, directed, and cast himself in the role of a man that piles of gorgeous women pay for sex for no apparent reason other than his sensitivity (his character, Fioravante, apparently doesn't even have a big dick, which would also be a vanity move, but at least shade in the character's appeal more than "...because he's him").

Is Rebel Wilson Fat?

Rich Juzwiak · 09/16/13 03:58PM

Is Australian comedian Rebel Wilson fat? Does anyone know? Lynn Hirschberg, maybe?

Alison Pill Tweeted Her Boobs Because Blackberry

J.K. Trotter · 09/05/13 02:51PM

Nearly a year ago, Newsroom star Alison Pill accidentally tweeted a very NSFW picture of herself lying in bed. On Tuesday’s episode of Conan, Pill blamed her then-new touchscreen Blackberry phone. (She was apparently accustomed to the phone manufacturer’s physical keyboards.) Discussing the incident, she told Conan O’Brien: