Tiny Singer Ariana Grande Repeatedly Plagued by Demons from Hell

Caity Weaver · 11/06/13 05:52PM

Bouncy-haired singer Ariana Grande—whom you may know from her hit single "The Way," or because the teens in your life are always sending Keeks about her to Facerange on their Blueberries®—seems like her life would be all catchy hooks, and bubblegum sunsets, and buying a new pair of earrings that you love. And it probably is! But, as she recently told Complex magazine, it's also full of demons from hell who constantly terrorize her and wreak havoc on her vulnerable psyche.

Who Still Gets Laid At Posh Nightclubs

Ryan Tate · 10/20/08 10:44PM

Economic meltdown or not, certain nightclubs still seem to be blessed with celebrities who will show up for free drinks, supermodels who will show up for the celebrities, and billionaires who will show up for the supermodels, black Amex cards at the ready. We know this thanks to writer and costume-lover Hud Morgan, who bravely traded his fruitinis for passionfruit shots and infiltrated 1OAK on behalf of Men's Vogue (a scan is after the jump). Illustrating how magazine publishers, too, are defying the recession and financing the posher forms of writerly hobnobbing.

The Animal Returns

Hamilton Nolan · 03/19/08 04:50PM

Streetwise agitator Bucky Turco is leaving his post as blogger in chief for Complex, the Marc Ecko glossy urban shopping rag which had only one really interesting feature: its blog. Bucky says he's bringing back Animal New York, his dormant passion. Beware. [Bucky Turco]

Complex Magazine Wastes A Lot Of Money

Hamilton Nolan · 02/12/08 01:57PM

Complex, the Marc Ecko-owned urban shopping magazine, has figured out how to boost traffic to its website among those coveted digital influencers: by spending $1 million on TV ads. Why yes, that does seem like the most cost-effective strategy, assuming you are, as one tipster put it, a "blind leading the blind media organization." Click to watch the first full ad, and marvel at how little of Will Ferrell's time a million bucks gets you these days. [Folio]

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo Casts The First Stone Right Through The Wall Of Her Glass House

Emily Gould · 02/02/07 11:20AM

In the tiny block of text that accompanies her cheesy cheesecake spread in the new ish of Complex, former Trumpslut Susie Castillo has some choice words for successor Tara Conner: "It's not the job of Miss USA to be in rehab. Other girls worked hard to give it a positive name, and it's going to be tarnished for a very long time now." Seriously, Castillo is a moral beacon:

Jack Spade: Grup-Friendly For Her Pleasure

Doree Shafrir · 11/01/06 03:35PM

We're not sure which is worse: the fact that this limited edition! $60! Jack Spade! baseball cap is only available this Saturday at Barney's, or the fact that Complex magazine seems to think this is a good thing. Come to think of it, we would've nominated it for the Douchebag Hall of Fame, but unfortunately the rules dictate that all douchebags must be living, breathing human beings—not hats. When the rules change, though, we'll fast-track this one.

Complex To Staff: Please Refrain From Feeling on 50's Muscles

pevans · 08/24/06 05:05PM

An insider over at Complex Magazine informs us that the people in charge over there, have deemed it necessary to send a company-wide e-mail requesting that emplyees stop accosting 50 Cent whenever he enters the building. We particularly like this line, "This office should be a second home for 50, not a place where he feels compelled to put on a show each time he walks through our doors." We can understand why the staff reacts so much, because while we prefer to stalk from afar, when we're in close with celebs, we demand only Grade A top-shelf shucking-and-jiving. No matter if we're in his house or ours.