The Bitchiest Business Magazine In America

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/08 10:03AM

BusinessWeek Magazine sure is one big hellhole, judging strictly by the internal backstabbing, sniping, and intra-office gossip wars that go on there. The latest scathing editorial criticism comes in the form of a comment on a blog interview of editor John Byrne. A helpful reader takes the opportunity to point out that Byrne's predecessor was the widely despised Kathy Rebello, infamous for once hyping stories on her own site with praise from a fake commenter. Also discussed by the angry commenter: a celebrity gossip-refugee news editor with a shelf full of Barbie dolls, and a napkin-folding Rebello underling who fetched his boss water on command (we need one of those!). The provocative comment-along with some context from a BW insider, and our request for more information-after the jump.

Lindsay Lohan Coat Theft: 'Oppressive'

Hamilton Nolan · 05/20/08 12:06PM

Here's the key section from the legal complaint against wacko famous girl Lindsay Lohan for stealing a college student's mink coat from a club in New York. She didn't just pick it up accidentally, the complaint says; her actions were "intentional, oppressive, and malicious," and the coat-deprived girl was "injured." Ouch, my mink is gone! Click to enlarge. [via The Insider]

Starbucks Doesn't Have Any God Damn Lemons

Hamilton Nolan · 05/07/08 04:18PM

Denver Post columnist Al Lewis is on a crusade. A cranky Starbucks crusade! "How 'bout a slice of lemon to go with that $2.10 iced tea?" he asks, rhetorically. Because there is no lemon! Other places, they give you lemons. But fancy-schmancy Starbucks? No lemons. Don't blame Al Lewis. He's written (multiple) columns! He's sent his concerns all the way up the chain to the CEO! And now he knows why Starbucks' stock has lost half its value in a year: because they can't get Al Lewis a freakin' slice of lemon:

Alec Baldwin Just Fighting With Hamptons Neighbors At HuffPo

Pareene · 01/31/08 06:50PM

Remember the story of the terribly racist "humor" column in the Hamptons Independent last week? It upset famed blogger Alec Baldwin! Baldwin wrote about the column earlier this week (and then again!) as an example of "how the Obama ascendancy is playing out in Small Town America." Leaving aside the fact that the Hamptons are "small town America" only if you are a time traveler from the 17th century, the column was idiotic and well worth piling on. BUT! Maybe Alec had an ulterior motive for singling out this particular piece of regrettable small-market bullshit for a very public flaying! Maybe Alec has some personal beef with the gentleman that wrote the column—the paper's editor, Rick Murphy. Maybe because Baldwin is involved with the East Hampton Democrats, who don't particularly get along with Murphy! Maybe Murphy mocked Alec's letters to the editor! And maybe Rick Murphy's wife left a long comment to that effect at HuffPo—a comment which mysteriously failed to appear! After the jump, Alec Baldwin's "Small town" Hamptons intrigue.