Watch the Craziest Moments from Andy Cohen's Night of a Thousand Bravo-lebrities

Matt Toder · 04/05/12 01:18AM

Bravo chief Andy Cohen's three ring circus of a talk show Watch What Happens Live can get pretty crazy but tonight it went to new heights. For some terrible reason, Cohen decided to fill the room with fifty odd "Bravo-lebrities" and things unraveled fairly quickly into a mess of dumb games and scattered shouting. The show had it all - technical glitches, cringe-worthy singing from two (two!) Real Housewives, those terrible focus group for their baby name people, and next gen Bravo star Julia Allison. Here are all the craziest moments from Andy Cohen's All Star Bash.

The Year in Television in Under Four Minutes

Matt Toder · 12/26/11 12:00PM

This year, television gave us some incredible moments, from Charlie Sheen's on-camera meltdown to Oprah and Regis stepping off the stage to, the year offered plenty of highlights and lowlights. This compilation video brings them everything together: the hilarious residents of Pawnee, Indiana and the half-faced drug kingpins of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Christine O'Donnell walking off Piers Morgan's show and Louis CK sucking up to Dane Cook. If you weren't watching enough TV this year, here are all the moments people were talking about and all the spoilers you were warned about (including a NSFW clip near the end).

Can Jon Stewart Ask You a Question?

Roger Cormier · 08/20/11 02:10PM

If you've watched The Daily Show regularly over the years, you may have noticed that Jon Stewart has a tendency to ask his guests if he can... ask them a question. You haven't? Allow us to present to you 12 years of Stewart's pre-question questions in less than three minutes. Spoiler: nobody ever says no.

Congress Could Learn Something from Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson

Conor Hastings · 07/29/11 02:15AM

On Tuesday night, congressional Republicans were moved by a scene in the bank robber movie The Town to unite behind a single plan to solve the nation's debt ceiling crisis before next week's deadline. So long as they're turning to pop culture for inspiration, allow us to suggest that up next they consider some of the anti-big government statements of Parks & Recreation character Ron Swanson. A clip of Swanson's greatest bits of political wisdom is above.

Here Are the Craziest Things Lil Mama Has Said on America's Best Dance Crew

Eric Jackman · 06/05/11 06:33PM

America's Best Dance Crew judge Lil Mama, of VMA stage crashing fame, has become known for delivering heartfelt critiques to the contestants. At times, they're a source of inspiration. Other times—or really, most of the time—she butchers the English language, leaving one dumfounded at the degree to which words can be mispronounced and expressions can be misspoken on television. Here's a "Best of the Worst" compilation of Lil Mama's six seasons on the show.

Here's Seven Minutes of the Best Slaps in Hollywood History

Matt Cherette · 01/24/11 04:16PM

One of cinema's earliest, longest, most famous and eternally requisite action moments is the slap. So, what better way to celebrate that than with seven minutes of the movies' best slap-happy moments, all conveniently presented in a supercut! Watch inside.

The Best Cat Videos of 2010 in 90 Seconds

Matt Cherette · 12/28/10 12:00PM

Each year, the Internet blesses us with a seemingly endless array of cat videos, and 2010 was no different! From cute to curmudgeonly, sappy to scary, tame to thrilling, and more, here's our compilation of the year's best feline-focused offerings.

The Year in Wins

Christopher Han · 12/27/10 03:00PM

And now, the year in wins. Successful feats captured on tape. The diamonds found in the internet rough of fail.

This Supercut Laughs Through Its Sadness

Matt Toder · 12/20/10 05:20PM

Movies are filled with laughter and sadness, sometimes both at the same time. This supercut proves just how interchangeable those emotions are with a combination of some great movie laughing moments and a piano theme which tugs at the heartstrings.

It's Time for a Nicolas Cage Supercut

Christopher Han · 11/22/10 06:00PM

Nicolas Cage loses his shit. A lot. He takes it to a level most Hollywood actors wouldn't dare. Here is a montage of him losing his shit over and over again, set to the Requiem For a Dream soundtrack.

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

Christopher Han · 11/21/10 01:30PM

Get pumped, everybody. That thing you were going to do, but were too afraid to do, well you're going to do it! No chance of failing after watching this video! Or, just watch and enjoy. It's sweet, succinct, and inspirational.