A List of the Things Whiny Rich People Have Compared Themselves (and Obama) To

Max Read · 10/01/12 05:00PM

Maybe the most exciting story of the last few years is the increasingly prominent voice of a traditionally powerless and voiceless group: the super-rich. No longer content to stand by the wayside as the president begs them to contribute a slightly higher percentage of their massive incomes while they enjoy record-breaking profits, the super-rich have finally stood up to the middle-class and, with the typically astute metaphorical skill of the Wall Street billionaire, compared themselves to violently oppressed and abused people. And piñatas.

Mexico Shows Us How to Do This Gay Marriage Stuff

Richard Lawson · 08/11/10 10:31AM

You know why certain people are scared of Mexican immigrants? Because they might bring their gay marriage-tolerating with them! Yes, Mexico, or at least the Mexican Supreme Court, is more progressive than the States when it comes to gay marriage.

At Least You're Not Haitian

Hamilton Nolan · 01/13/10 03:53PM

The Way We Live Now: Putting things in perspective. It works like this: we think our lives are fucked because of the recession. Then we contemplate Haiti's circumstances. A few minutes later we're like, whatever, it still sucks here, too.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Book Thief?

Richard Lawson · 06/23/09 11:57AM

Potential plagiarist, at least! When author Susan Hassett sent her book Living with Celiac Disease to screechingest View hostess Hasselbeck, perhaps she was seeking some advice or PR. Instead, Hasselbeck published her own similarly-themed book a year later.

Obama vs. Clinton: The Youngest Guns

Owen Thomas · 01/18/09 07:02PM

If power does not corrupt, it certainly ages. The bright young things in the Obama administration will never look as good as they do now. Remember when Clinton's minions were just as fresh-faced?

Don't Get It Twisted, Blake Lively Is Nothing Like Paris Hilton

Mark Graham · 07/01/08 03:50PM

Any way you slice it, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively is having one helluva year. Not only is her show a big hit (online, that is), but she's starring in the anticipated sequel to Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, she got to spend a few minutes flirting with David Letterman and she landed herself on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair (and didn't even have to pose with McLovin to do it!). One would think all would be well in Blake Lively's world. However, one would be wrong. You see, there's this pesky problem issue of people getting her confused with Paris Hilton that is, like, so frustrating and stuff to her! As she explains in the new issue of Seventeen:

Owen Thomas · 07/20/07 12:52PM

Facebook isn't AOL, says entrepreneur Dave McClure. It's Visual Basic. [Master of 500 Hats]