Captain Morgan's Pirate Ship Found

Lauri Apple · 08/07/11 09:29PM

A team of U.S. archeologists believe they've found parts of the long-lost pirate ship of Captain Henry Morgan—that's Admiral Sir Henry Morgan to you, scallawag—down in Panama, which is where I, for one, suspected it was located all along.

Madonna's New Gym Chain: Now You Can Look Just Like Madonna

Richard Lawson · 10/25/10 12:24PM

Millennia-old, fitness-crazed pop singer Madonna has partnered up with some investors to open ultra-luxe Hard Candy gyms around the world, the first a 30,000 sq.ft. megaplex in Mexico City. Just what sets a Madonna gym apart from the rest?

Wal-Mart Supports Diiiiiversity

Hamilton Nolan · 06/02/08 03:00PM

"Diversity has more than two I's," declares this illogical and insulting ad from Wal-Mart. According to the megaretailer and cultural homogenization machine, the word actually has five I's: Ideas, Input, Innovation, Influence and Impact. What, no Inspiration, Illustriousness, or Indubitably Incredible Instances of Impressive Ingenuity? I (ha) really question Wal-Mart's commitment. Why settle for diiiiiversity when you can have diiiiiiiiiiiiversity? Full picture of the disappointingly modest ad, after the jump.