"Severe Allergies": A New Episode of Tom Tips Back

Max Read · 06/12/14 04:00PM

We get tips. Lots of them. Sometimes Gawker features editor Tom Scocca responds to them. These conversations are memorialized here in an occasional feature we call Tom Tips Back.

Most Households Bizarrely Still Have a Landline

Hamilton Nolan · 09/06/13 08:55AM

In the olden days, in order to make a phone call to someone farther than shouting distance, you had to stand in one place and speak into a receiver wired to a wall, and if someone called you, you had to dash from wherever you were to wherever the phone was anchored. Most people still do this, apparently??

Just Because You Don't Like a Study Doesn't Mean It Is Wrong

Hamilton Nolan · 07/16/12 01:54PM

Last week, the blog world picked up an LA Times news story about a scientific study that had just been published in an academic journal, Communication, Culture and Critique. The title of the study: "Women (Not) Watching Women: Leisure Time, Television, and Implications for Televised Coverage of Women's Sports."

Arts Writer Sends 1,400-Word Email on How to Communicate Efficiently

Hamilton Nolan · 09/20/10 01:32PM

Douglas Britt (pictured) is the "Society/ visual arts writer" at the Houston Chronicle. And he's extremely busy! So he sent out the following 15-point email to "every gallerist/cultural group in Houston," our tipster says. Print out a copy, and memorize!

New York Times Cannot Afford Text Messaging

Hamilton Nolan · 07/06/09 03:34PM

America's Paper of Record cannot afford to have its reporters sending text messages or calling 411 on their company phones. What a pitiful state of affairs.

How Not to Drive a Train

Jasper Reardon · 09/14/08 01:42PM

If you happen to be a commuter train driver, it's probably not a good idea to be texting with a teenager while you chug along. Lots of people might die.

AT&T wants to watch

Nicholas Carlson · 08/15/08 01:20PM

In a letter to a congressional committee, AT&T said it is "carefully considering" monitoring how its users surf the Web. In a similiar letter, Internet service provider Charter Communication said it had plans to do the same. ISPs Bresnan Communications, CableOne, CenturyTell, Embarq, Knology and Wow already track their users' activities on the Web, according to Silicon Alley Insider, which put together a list of ISPs and portals that do and do not track users.

Evil Corporations Are Going to Take Away Your Internets

ian spiegelman · 06/14/08 03:30PM

Well, the Internet was fun while it lasted, but now three of the nation's largest service providers are going to shut it down and throw us all back to the dark ages of telephones and postage stamps. "Some people use the Internet simply to check e-mail and look up phone numbers. Others are online all day, downloading big video and music files. For years, both kinds of Web surfers have paid the same price for access. But now three of the country's largest Internet service providers are threatening to clamp down on their most active subscribers by placing monthly limits on their online activity."

"I just invited everyone in my Outlook Contact sheet. And you were in there!!"

Hamilton Nolan · 05/09/08 04:14PM

Boa-sporting proprietress Laurel Touby continues unabated in her menacing campaign to misuse email—an invention originally designed to simplify communications. Her latest infraction: in order to promote an upcoming "Mediabistro Circus," she decided to save a little time by sending a mass email to her entire contact list—all 2,000 people. The message starts off with an apology to those who "hate my guts," which is a good sign that perhaps it would be better to pursue a different outreach strategy. The entire ill-conceived email, after the jump.